From the Fantastic Four to the Death of Phoenix, witness the awe and majesty of the beginnings of the Modern Marvel Universe! This is the ultimate series for any Marvel Fan jumping into the landscape of this phenomenal macrocosm as well as the old fans interested in a nostalgic trip through some of the most important elements in the Marvel Comic Universe. Continue reading HISTORY OF MARVEL UNIVERSE #3 Preview

Doctor Strange #18 Review

Stephen Strange is back on Earth after his Multiversal odyssey with Galactus and Clea in this week’s all-new DOCTOR STRANGE #18 by Mark Waid. But is the Multiverse done with Doctor Strange? By the Images of Ikonn, let’s take a look into this issue as a truly terrifying villain works their way into the Marvel Universe that will have people talking for years! Continue reading Doctor Strange #18 Review

History of the Marvel Universe #2 Review

From the dawn of the 20th century to the first meeting of Mr. Fantastic and Doctor Doom, learn the secrets of Marvel’s history in this week’s all-new HISTORY OF THE MARVEL UNIVERSE #2 by Mark Waid. Who was John Steele? Which Western gunslinger helped inspire the first Heroic Age? Let’s dive into the issue for another History Lesson from Mr. Waid and find out! Continue reading History of the Marvel Universe #2 Review