Waid and Adams Join Forces in New Fantastic Four Title This August

Mark Waid and Neil Adams join forces this August to give Marvel Fans a brand new series entitled FANTASTIC FOUR: ANTITHESIS. Now, to those not familiar with the term “Antithesis”, Webster declares it “a person or thing that is the direct opposite of someone or something else.” So, could this be a team-up of four villains in direct opposition to our Fantastic Four?

Additionally, a team known directly as the Antithesis was once in our Earth 616 created by Blackheart and was composed of The Evangelist, X-666, Enchephalon, and Ichor. Could this band of misfits possibly be making a come back? Maybe it’s a group with more specific ties to our FF? Or, maybe Galactus summons a bunch of his past Heralds together to finally destroy Earth? Who knows? However, what I do know is that I’m super excited for an epic FANTASTIC FOUR story that I feel we’ve been missing for a long time now, which has felt even longer with this COVID-19 comic hiatus. Who wouldn’t be pumped for a Mark Waid/ Neil Adams team-up?

Now, according to Mark Waid as he announced the series, “Working with Neal Adams has been a dream of mine since I was a kid. To share the page with a man of his talent is an honor” Waid continues by saying, “The story begins with the Fantastic Four struggling to prevent an extinction event on Earth and just goes more cosmic from there. We all know of Galactus, but until now, no one has met his Antithesis.” So Fantastic Four, is this a brand new Herald, or is this the possible Herald team-up I mentioned earlier? Better yet, is this THEE Antithesis to Galactus himself? Holy $&@$!

Additionally, Neil Adams stated that “I have always had the sense of missing the chance to draw the Fantastic Four. It was a quiet sense since I’ve had every opportunity to do my favorites. More, I felt Kirby and Buscema had done it all, hadn’t they…?” Adams continues and stated that “When Marvel’s Tom Brevoort asked if I’d like to do the Fantastic Four, I knew I had to ask for Galactus and the Silver Surfer as well. I am humbled and thankful to Tom for the opportunity.” So, it looks like Marvel Fans are getting a solid partnership with Waid and Adams who most certainly will provide fans with the comic jolt we need to get revitalized after this comic hangover.

Who is this mysterious new foe/ foes sent by or even FOR Galactus? And, how big is this story going to be? Well, with no series length designated, I guess we’ll have to wait and see in August once FANTASTIC FOUR: ANTITHESIS #1 hits local shops everywhere! Thanks for the read comic fans. And, if you love the Fantastic Four, check out my Amazon link HERE to get a hold of some of the very best FANTASTIC FOUR series on the market! If your interested in catching up on some of Mark Waid’s work, click HERE. And finally, feel free to dip your toe into our online Amazon Comic Shop HERE! As always, thanks for your support, stay safe, and stay healthy!

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