Dr. Strange #4 Review

Written by: Mark Waid

Art by: Kev Walker

Colors by: Java Tartaglia & Antonio Fabela

Letters by: VC’s Clayton Cowles

Release Date: March 4th, 2020


Although this issue doesn’t push the overall story forward, we get a nice glimpse at Dr. Strange’s relationship with the hospital and a history lesson for Anthony Ludgate, the once Avenger, Druid.

Mark Waid, I tip my hat to you sir. The Surgeon Supreme never got me to really pick up this book as much as Dr. Strange did, but with this issue, Mark was able to involve the hospital heavily and still make for an interesting story. And although there was some dialogue nitpicks in the beginning, I couldn’t help but want more by the end of this issue. With Dr. Strange’s workshop ransacked, the fear of his arsenal being in the wrong hands grows with every passing day. This new organization or individual who stole from Strange, has yet to be revealed, but has seemingly but him in the worst position, his life as the Sorcerer Supreme has now put the people of his hospital in danger.

This issue didn’t push any large narrative dramatically forward, but we did get some nice character development and history learning more about Anthony Ludgate, someone with ties to both Dr. Strange and the Avengers. I don’t blame the artists too much for this, but mostly due to Ludgate’s persona of “Druid” at first glance he does look more like a villain. It may be some unfortunate on the nose type foreshadowing but he may just be a suspect in the disappearance of Dr. Strange’s personal belongings. A glimpse of Ludgate’s powers in this issue made for very interesting visuals and clever storytelling.

With Druid now involved in the story, things may just get more interesting. Druid seems to be a little weaker when it comes to magic, as seen in this issue (more so due to Strange questioning his abilities) but as a team the quest to find Dr. Strange’s workshop items could be a fun story to follow. I may be ignorant in not knowing much about Dr. Strange and his side characters, but not having Wong in the “buddy cop” or apprentice position may be what was lacking in this series. Druid shows he has what it takes to be a worthy partner, or maybe even someone who will work harder in protecting the hospital while Strange is away. Either way Mark Waid has peaked my interest in this book.

Final Thoughts: Mark Waid upped the ante in this issue when it comes down to why he named this book the Surgeon Supreme. The cliffhanger ending helps the story move forward, but I do believe this book needs to move forward quickly. I feel as though I’m already ready for the next big thing for Dr. Strange, but hopefully with the help of Druid, whatever story Mark Waid has in store, will be intriguing.


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