Marauders #14 Review

Writer: Gerry Duggan and Ben Percy

Art: Stefano Caselli, Edgar Delgado, VC’s Cory Petit, Matthew Wilson, and Russell Dauterman


Price: $3.99

Release Date: November 4th, 2020


Can I just say right out of the gate, I was expecting a snore-fest. Why? Well, we open with a dinner menu and discussion over cocktails and dreams. Where’s the meat and potatoes? Where’s the fireworks factory? Can we finally get this show on the road? That said, MARAUDERS #14 by Ben Percy and Gerry Duggan was a pleasant surprise and a ton of fun with an ending that was fierce, vindictive, brutal, and shocking. However, we all know nothing will come from it… or will it?

The characterization of Cypher, Storm, Magik, and Gorgon by Percy and Duggan were spot on showcasing their knowledge of the cast and crew. Furthermore, Percy and Duggan put Storm’s fragility in question, which was a great series of captivating events in the issue that “currently” didn’t make sense. However, I wonder if something intriguing will transpire between Death and Storm on the horizon, which is why this event was probably orchestrated. Moreover, I appreciated Magik and Gorgon casing the joint looking for an upper hand while cocktails were being served. It just shows this creative team adding an extra layer to the story that was amusing and admirable while amplifying the severity of the situation the X-MEN are truly in. How in the world will they all make it out of this alive?

I said in my X-MEN #14 review this week that the Arakko tournament participants look to have thousands of years of practice in the heat of battle. So, what good do our X-MEN have at surviving, especially individuals like Cypher or Kid Cable? This issue helps poke at some of those ideas. Now, it doesn’t dispel them completely by any stretch. Nonetheless, it does point out the disadvantage the Krakoan participants have in this tournament and shows a few of their strategies involved, including Wolverine’s tactics towards Saturnyne and Brian Braddock.


Readers, I wanted this X OF SWORDS event to take off! It was cookin’ before last week. Then, with X OF SWORDS: STASIS #1, as well as X-MEN #14 this week, I came into this issue with this sensation of an event that simply stalled out. So, to see the opening pages present MARAUDERS #14 as a dance party with drinks like some type of pleasure cruise, I was a bit taken back. However, I was genuinely surprised by how much enjoyment I got from this issue. From the character interactions to the further development of Isca and Pogg Ur-Pogg, this story shed some interesting light on both sides of this game and left me fascinated for the road to come. This issue was extremely well written by two class acts in comics that understand the dynamics between the characters and this event. The concept was easy to follow, well prepared, witty, and creatively got the cast of characters involved. Now, let’s finally get to the fights shall we?! Enough is enough. I want fireworks! Let the tournament begin!


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One thought on “Marauders #14 Review

  1. I’ll admit, I liked this issue a little more than I thought I would. We’ll definitely see more of Death and Storm, at least I hope so. But I’d also like for the tournament to get underway soon rather than later. More action and character interaction. Concerning the ending, I expected one of the Arakko sword bearers like Pogg Ur-Pogg to do something like that.


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