X-Men #14 Review

Writer: Jonathan Hickman

Art: Mahmud Asrar, Sunny Gho, VC’s Clayton Cowles, Tom Muller, and Leinil Francis Yu


Price: $3.99

Release Date: November 4th, 2020

To those fans that have been wanting the other side of this war, as well as answers to the history involving Amenth, Arakko, and its inhabitants, you’ll get just that in this week’s X OF SWORDS CHAPTER 13. Jonathan Hickman takes the time to weigh in on Arakko yore and fills in a few of the gaps along the way. X-MEN #13 by Jonathan Hickman pierces the veil between lovers, secrets, and untold prophecies. Moreover, Hickman makes a valiant attempt to make sense of the time lost in mutant history from the chasm formed thousands of years ago in an alluring way.

This week’s X-MEN was exceptionally cognizant but still rather heavy and complex. Sure, before the issue is complete, your understanding will be much more than it was prior. However, there will still be a few nuances that will leave fans a bit perplexed. Readers will discover who Annihilation is and how this leader came to pass. Additionally, fans will see the utter destruction that the Arakko and Amenth people have bathed in for thousands of years, which brings the question to the surface… how will our mutants win? I mean come on. Let’s be real. They’re going to win. But, how can fighters and warriors thousands of years old with thousands of years of experience and prowess be destroyed by the likes of Cypher and Kid Cable? Really?

I just feel like Hickman is painting himself into a corner. Remember, Krakoan mutants cannot be resurrected. Annihilation controls a horde of mutant hybrids that only know war, and some of the key Arakkii players have the mutant ability to literally not lose as well as swords that themselves allow resurrection. Heck, the Arrakii mutant’s abilities are yet to be uncovered with again thousands of years of experience at their fingertips to wage war in a tournament against children in comparison. The deck certainly seems stacked. Plus, this reviewer can only wonder what took Apocalypse so long to make contact? Sure, he was raising a new mutant army. However, why hasn’t he tried to check in with Arakko throughout the years? Additionally, this is a huge retcon to Apocalypse’s character who has pushed for world domination by his hands and Horsemen. I’m not saying I’m against this development. Nevertheless, it does put a spin on the character blurring the lines making him less of a villain than he once was. I, myself, am ok with that. But, are X-MEN fans, in general, ok with that?


Well, I was correct. If you didn’t read X OF SWORDS: STASIS #1, you missed nothing other than who the Arakko 10 tournament players are. Otherwise, Hickman catches up fans this week and adds even more background to the story. That said, I was a bit disappointed with the art and panels. They felt.. reused. I feel like I’ve seen them in other issues like X OF SWORDS: CREATION #1, as well as other titles. They just seemed recycled is all. However, other than that feeling, the narrative and plot itself were well developed, teased out, and fortified to give the background and driving purpose behind this entire tournament of swords. This is certainly an issue that can’t be missed if only for its clarifying purposes and historical significance to the overall story. I can’t help but leave this issue feeling like the X-MEN have little hope in success. But maybe that was the intention. This was another strong issue by Hickman that fills in some well-needed gaps. I think it will be well received by X-MEN fans. Grab a copy and let me know what you think.


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One thought on “X-Men #14 Review

  1. I like that we learn what happened to Genesis but this feels like a retelling instead of actually showing what happened. And boy, you’re not kidding about the reused art. I’d say it’s okay but not worth buying without the rest of the issues.


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