Wolverine #4 Review

Writer: Benjamin Percy

Art: Viktor Bogdanovic, Matthew Wilson, VC’s Cory Petit, Tom Muller, Frank Martin, and Adam Kubert

Price: $3.99

Release Date: August 19th, 2020

After getting back slapped by the Quiet Council for rogue activity, Wolverine dodges the Quiet Council through his own hidden Krakoan gate to the Red Tavern, a rundown bar in the middle of nowhere. However, Logan soon realizes that peace isn’t feasible as a quandary unravels… and at the center of it all is a rival from his past. Let’s jump into WOLVERINE #4 by Ben Percy and see who this old foe is as well as who is really pulling the strings behind this mystery.

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Is there ever a moment where Wolverine can truly escape? Can Logan ever experience real happiness? Can Wolverine ever outrun his past? Well, that’s Percy’s focus in this issue. For those longtime Wolverine fans, they know the utter darkness that seems to hang around Logan like stink on a pig. Percy uses this installment as a refresher and reminder for new and old fans alike to see the nasty, bloody cloud that always seems to hover around the gritty, tenacious, rotgut whiskey-drinking, son of &&@&! No amount of Krakoan paradise can ever hide Wolverine from his past nor the people out for his hyde.

Now, as interesting as WOLVERINE #4 was, it still happened to be a bit dry and slow compared to the stronger, faster pace of Percy’s prior three issues. That said, the ending of this comic really hooks readers into issue 5 and this arc moving forward. Additionally, the haunting overtones that Percy dishes out throughout this issue really add some frightening chills that will really sit with readers well after the story ends. From bizarre, inbreed asylum escapees to one-eyed bartenders, Logan always finds a way to surround himself with this unwarranted depression. Plus, Viktor Bogdanovic’s dark illustrations really hammer home the creepy atmosphere surrounding this snowy shack out in the middle of nowhere. My point: Percy and Bogdanovic utilize this issue to set up the background for this entire arc, the disgust that simply hangs around Wolverine, and reintroduces Omega Red back into the mutant landscape. I can’t wait for WOLVERINE #5 and the showdown between Logan, Omega Red, and the bloodthirsty villain pulling all the strings.


Readers will certainly be entertained by this issue. However, the true excitement doesn’t pick up until the last couple of pages with the introduction to Omega Red and his would-be master. Readers merely get to the ”fireworks factory” a bit later as the issue concludes, which is the biggest downfall of the comic this week. Nonetheless, the story isn’t hard to follow while piling on the ugly that Wolverine simply can’t avoid. Moreover, Percy takes the time for a bit longer setup this issue but honestly, the payoff is certainly worth it. Plus, readers clearly see Logan as an addict of sorts. Somehow, regardless of peace, he’s always drawn into a bloodbath. He just can’t shake the carnage. Overall, it’s a solid issue that’s just not as exciting as they have been. However, the next issue of WOLVERINE will certainly start with a bang and this fan can’t wait. Pick this up and let me know what you think.


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