C2E2 X-Men Panel Art 2020

Hey there X-fans, here’s Dispatchdcu getting you as close as possible to the C2E2 X-Men Panel happening February 28th through March 1st. To answer any questions ahead of time; I was not there. However, I was blessed with tons of covers and interior for many of the up and coming X-books and series by Marvel!

Take a look and let me know what you think.

Cable 4 Cover by Phil Noto

Children of the Atom 3 Cover by Bernard Chang

Children of the Atom 1 Interior Pages by Bernard Chang

Excalibur 12 Cover by Mahmud Asrar

Giant-Size X-Men: Nightcrawler Interior Pages by Alan Davis

Marauders 9 Interior Pages by Stefano Caselli

New Mutants 9 Interior Pages by Flaviano

New Mutants 12 Cover by Mike del Mundo

Wolverine 2 Interior Pages by Adam Kubert

Wolverine 4 Interior Pages by Viktor Bogdanovic

X-Factor 3 Cover by Ivan Shavrin

X-Force 9 Interior Pages by Joshua Cassara

X-Force 12 Cover by Dustin Weaver

X-Men 8 Interior Pages by Mahmud Asrar

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