Captain Marvel #15 Review

Writer: Kelly Thompson Art: Lee Garbett, Lee Garbett, Tamra Bonvillain, VC’s Clayton Cowles, and Mark Brooks Price: $3.99 Release Date: February 19th, 2020 “THE LAST AVENGER” PART 4: DESPERATE MEASURES

Another issue of Captain Marvel Smashes its way into our lives and with every issue of this story bringing total destruction of an Avengers member I am hoping we get a little more story than we have been getting lately. Don’t get me wrong I have really been enjoying the fights but after three issues of Carol going after an Avenger to take them down and give them to Vox Supreme its hard not to feel like your in the rinse, wash, and repeat cycle. Now would be a good time to shift the focus away from Carol for a minute and focus more on Vox Supreme and how he became Vox Supreme. Show us how Vox, a character designed to bring the Inhumans to heel in Death of the Inhumans, was able to survive that story. Then you could show us how he was able to find enough of the Supreme Intelligence to merge with, because I am pretty sure the Supreme Intelligence was destroyed when Hala exploded in the Black Vortex story. Hopefully this happens we will see.

We open where we left off with Carol at the wrong end of the Hulk Smash catch phrase. Carol inner monologues trying to figure out how she is going to beat She-Hulk. She postulates maybe getting her mad enough so she makes mistakes will be the best method, because her photon hand blasts isn’t do the trick. Neither is punching her, getting punched by her, or electrocuting her.

It basically comes down to Carol using Jen’s humanity and their friendship against her. When She-Hulk takes the opportunity to see who is behind the mask it stops her in her tracks. Carol quickly thinking on her feet jumps up and sucks the electrical energy out of She-Hulks brain, knocking her out long enough to get her and Black Panther into Singularity.

With no time to talk really we get very little progress in the idea department from the “brian trust” of Iron Man and Thor. And since Black Panther is Knocked out the entire issue I don’t think he will be much help either.

Up next Carol has to battle Captain America. Which is a touching scene but really anti-climatic. Captain basically asks Carol is there no other way Carol says No and then Captain say I trust you then and gives up allowing Carol to punch him and stuff him into Singularity.

Now with all the cloned copies of the Avengers, Vox doesn’t need Carol anymore…or does he? Well he does. Instead of killing her he needs her alive for the nefarious plan that we don’t know yet. We know he has them all strapped to a table. We know most of them don’t really have any powers per-say. So yeah I have no clue what Vox’s plan is yet. We do find out this issue that Carol now believes the bombs are planted inside the Kree refugees, I guess that is something, but really its is just a jumping to conclusions moment on the part of Carol.

Final Thoughts:

It is kind of what I was afraid of, this issue felt very much like the last three but a little less. There was very little joking. There was very little new information given. The art and colors continue to be stellar. The action sequences are still very well realized and thought out, but this was just a down issue. There isn’t enough going on in this story to make every issue interesting. I am still really liking this arc and can’t wait to see how it wraps up.


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