Captain Marvel #14 Review

Writer: Kelly Thompson
Art: Lee Garbett, Lee Garbett, Tamra Bonvillain, VC’s Clayton Cowles, and Mark Brooks
Price: $3.99
Release Date: January 22nd, 2020

The Blistering Speed of the last two issues of Captain Marvel can mainly be attributed to the smart story telling that drives the need for this tempo. With fantastic art that also depicts raw emotion and the fast paced action that this arc requires. This book has become highly recommended. Captain Marvel has 24 hours to take down the Avengers. I really think she is going to need some kind of back up like I don’t know…how about Jack Bauer (24), Jack and Annie (Speed), and Randall “Memphis” Raines ( Gone in 60 seconds). Wait they are not in this universe? Well, get me C.B. on the phone I think I have the next million copy idea. Okay Let’s Ride.

We open to the God of Thunder Booming at the mouth incensed that the government had the gaul to clone only his…head!

Tony, Thor, and Carol are inside Singularity having a brief meeting of the minds that helps catch up the reader if they haven’t been following along all that closely. And in this interaction Kelly Thompson and Letterer Clayton Cowles do a few subtle things that really help elevate this section of the book. First they don’t forget that Tony got his windpipe crushed last issue. To accent this they give Tony tiny letters that really make the words come across as strained, and juxtaposed with Thor’s Outrageous outburst plus Carol’s distracted mumbling this scene really works well. Butt the best part is the sight gag at the end of this scene before Carol slips out of the crack in Singularity.

With Carol’s supply of cloned corpses of the Avengers she hopes to buy enough time for all of them to come up with a better idea on how to defeat this new Terror, The Vox Supreme. Everyone knows this is a bad idea giving this baddy a supply of Super Hero DNA but sometimes the best plan is the one you have, and until Carol is able to get any information about Vox’s plan out of him she has no other cards to play.

When Carol finally brings Vox, Tony’s cloned corpse he remains pretty tight lipped only showing his indifference to the lives that will be lost if he ever activates more bombs. With that thought in mind Carol races off to her next target Black Panther. Who will win and who will lose? All I know is someone is going to get SMASHED!

Final Thoughts:

The story is slowly filling in the mystery of Vox and his machinations but with the almost guaranteed fight scenes in each issue it really keeps the adrenaline up. Garbett and Bonvillain are a match made in heaven they hit the perfect balance of comic/realism. I have to say though if it wasn’t for this semi- down moment in the beginning where the characters just got to talk to each other for a minute I would have tired of the whole hit’em hard and fast approach Carol has to take with the Avengers.


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