The Amazing Mary Jane #2 Review

Writer: Leah Williams
Art: Carlos Gomez, Carlos Lopez, and VC’s Joe Caramagna
Cover Price: $3.99
Release Date: November 20th, 2019

The deeper MJ get’s into the Mysterio’s ego-driven movie fiasco, the worse things get. And with the appearance of the Savage Six, things can’t get much worse, can they?

After selling well over 100k copies of issue #1, this series was off to a great start. Having a multitude of variants helped sales I’m sure. I liked it well enough too. As far as issue two is concerned? Not so much.

MJ has clearly been demoted to the second string. She’s literally a supporting character in her own book.

We get page after page after page of why Quentin lost his funding for his movie. Well, duh? Impersonating someone to gain funding wouldn’t last forever, would it?

And what in the heck is up with Mysterio’s hair? Do he and Dock Ock share the same barber??

So, after losing his funding, equipment and having to slum it at a third rate movie set, MJ spends the issue building up Quentin’s self-esteem. Of course, I’m sure her desire to be a movie star has something to do with it too.

The art is nothing to write home about either. Showing cleavage on the cover and MJ’s butt in a completely unrealistic pose is really disappointing, in my opinion.

The appearance of the Savage Six on the very last page is much too little too late.

Final Thoughts:

While the cliffhanger does provide a slight glimmer of hope, it can’t save this issue. MJ is a truly great character, but unfortunately doesn’t get a chance to shine in her own book. This series should really be called “The Mystery of Mysterio’s Missing Self-Esteem”. Because it’s been ALL about him so far.


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