Star Wars #72 Review

Writer: Greg Pak
Art: Phil Noto
Price: $3.99
Release Date: October 2nd, 2019

As politics spark a war, what may be the unintended consequences? Also, why are lightsabers so hard to keep track of? And best yet, a conversation between C-3PO and Darth Vader?!? Yep, read on…..

Issue 72 feels much more comfortable as this is my second issue reviewing Star Wars. The opening credit page/crawl always brings a smile to my face and even got a “wow, that’s cool” from my wife!

I was a bit thrown off by what be very smart Storm Troopers. Their oversized brains must need bigger helmets because the proportions don’t seem quite right to me

I actually found it more amusing than annoying. We finally find out what Vader’s interests are of the so-called rock people. The highlight of this scene other than some Storm Troopers missing their blaster shots is an actual conversation between Darth Vader and C-3PO. Not something that I’d ever expect, but it was very insightful and worked well.

In the second story, Warba has some selfish interests that are possibly a higher priority than teaching Luke what she knows of the Force. This may also be the first recorded incident of a lightsaber being “lost”.

And in our third story, the seemingly brilliant plan by Dar Champion to rid himself of not one, but two enemies may have some massive unintended consequences.

The art by Phil Noto continues to be very solid at least in his character designs. There’s no question when you’re looking at these characters of who’s who. He’s nailed the art on these iconic characters! However, there are A LOT of panels with no background at all, just solid colors. There’s just so much that could have been done in the form of little details that would have enhanced this story. Like a droid rolling by or a fighter flying overhead. It was kind of a letdown.

This variant cover by John Tyler Christopher sure brought back some good memories to me. My brother and I collected a lot of the original figures and ships in the 70s/80s. Man do I wish we had kept them now!!

Final Thoughts:

I’ve become even more immersed in the Star Wars universe, and despite a bit of lackluster art, I’m all in on this series!