Star Wars #71 Review

Writer: Greg Pak

Art: Phil Noto

Price: $3.99

Release Date: September 4th, 2019

As C3P0 and Chewbacca have gotten themselves in a precarious position, an “offer” is made! Wait a minute, this is Star Wars, not Year of the Villain!!

This is my first time reviewing a Star Wars comic. I haven’t read all 70 previous issues so I’m just jumping in blindly. So…. here goes!

As the credits page shows this book is set after episode 4, I believe. Luke has a lightsaber but isn’t a Jedi yet, so I’m going with that. However there’s several things in this issue that are nods towards other movies that make it a bit confusing for someone just jumping on.

I’m left not entirely clear why C3PO and Chewbacca needed to destroy the planet they’re on, or what would be of interest to Vader.

I’m not sure why the need to have 3PO say “oh dear” so many times. I literally lost count. And the whole “I’m one with the force, the force is with me” deal was way over done too. I understand Pak is trying to put familiar things from the movie in the comic, but if you want something familiar, how about the most famous sounds from Star Wars? Darth Vader breathing, and a lightsaber being turned on/off?? I know they’d be “written” sound effects but I’d appreciate them a lot!

I’m not completely down on this issue at all. I really liked the art! The characters are very recognizable to any Star Wars fan. I also like using the opening “crawl” from the movies as a recap page. It works very well. Having three storylines in a regular sized comic rarely happens, but I appreciate that too. Most Star Wars battles in the movies also had two other stories going on simultaneously.

Also, any confusion on my part in figuring out the story I’m chalking up to me just beginning to read this series, with it being on issue 71 and all. I’m also hoping that starting a new arc soon will help lessen my confusion.

Final Thoughts:

In reviewing my first Star Wars comic I’m immediately thrown into the Star Wars Universe. It may not all make complete sense to me now, but I want to read and review more so that it does!


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