Star Wars #73 Review

Writer: Greg Pak

Art: Phil Noto and VC’s Clayton Cowles

Price: $3.99

Release: October 23rd, 2019

That look of fear on Luke’s face on the cover is how I’m imagining Greg Pak feels as he has three issues to finish up his run.

I don’t like to be negative so this’ll be a short review. Let’s just call this issue what it clearly is. Greg Pak has to get his story finished by issue 75 so the series can relaunch with a new number one and new writer in January. Relaunches and new number ones aren’t anything new to anyone that has even basic knowledge of how Marvel does their comic business. And yet almost every time the ending of the current run seems rushed as it ends. Not sure if Pak was kept in the dark on Marvel’s plans, or if he wasn’t given sufficient time to properly end his run. Either way, what we get in issue 73 is awkward dialogue, and all three stories all of a sudden thrown together to get everyone to Hoth so we can reset after The Empire Strikes Back.

I feel bad for Pak and I feel bad for fans of this series that after what will be 75 issues, which is a lifetime in this era of Marvel comics, that the ending is so haphazard and rushed.

Final Thoughts:

Unless you’re a die-hard fan of this series you’d be better off to skip this issue. Rather than being allowed to end well, this issue is clearly rushed as the “next” relaunch seems more important even though it doesn’t start until January. What a shame.


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