Captain Marvel #9 Review

Written by Kelly Thompson
Art by Carmen Carnero
Colors by Tamra Bonvillain
Letters by Clayton Cowles
Cover Price: $3.99
Release Date: August 14, 2019

This issue moves us into Part II of the Falling Star storyline which kicked off last issue. After the events of last issue Carol finds herself in quite a predicament with a hostile public vilifying her as an alien after being “outed” as part-Kree, and to make matters worse her powers are fading fast. Meanwhile Dr Minerva seems to hold some of the answers to the current state of affairs which sets Carol on her trail in this issue.

Spoilers ahead.


I am enjoying this arc more than the preceding story lines that this new title opened with. Thompson is doing a good job balancing a lot of different elements in the last two issues. We get the throwbacks right back to the first issue of the series and some mysteries surrounding the Krackens that seem to be posing some problems in the Big Apple. We get the Doctor Minerva hunt. We get Carol having to adjust to being less popular, as well as having a new rival in the shape of Star. In fact Star’s seemingly impenetrable power set also seems to give Carol a little insight into why she herself isn’t always the most popular character among her peers, which ironically sees her subconsciously start to establish closer ties with those around her.


Tony and Carol in particular seem to have reached an equilibrium in this series, following their more recent history of turbulence. Meanwhile Alpha Flight is now learning to mange without her, and
Rhodey and Jess are helping Carol manage change. All in all Thompson
is now balancing a large support crew in this book which makes this feel like a strong team book (think the Bat Family era of Detective comics). She has even given Carol a Bat-cave equivalent in Maine complete with her own jet, super-computer and glass cases with old Ms
Marvel costumes. I really like these touches and when you combine them with Thompson’s trademark snappy dialogue suddenly this book is
clicking along really well.


The writing is complemented wonderfully by the Carmen Carnero art and by Bonvillain’s autumnal colors which give this book a warm solid glow. In fact I think that this is probably the best looking book we have gotten featuring Captain Marvel, and despite my reservations
about the first couple of arcs, I would like to see this series become the one that properly establishes the character and sees her get a lengthy run with this creative team.

Final Thoughts

Everything looks great, and the characters are presented well and now the storyline has piqued my interest. Another strong outing in this story arc.


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