Ironheart #7 Review


Written by Eve L Ewing
Art by Luciano Vecchio
Layouts by Geoffo
Colors by Matt Milla
Letters and Production by Clayton Cowles
Cover by Amy Reeder

Edited by Alanna Smith
Assistant Editor: Shannon Andrews

Last issue of this series was a little interlude as Riri went on the hunt for missing Champions teammate Miles Morales and got embroiled in some team-up action. This time around its back to basics and we open at Riri’s relatively new Ironheart HQ at an undisclosed location in Chicago. Let’s roll.

The opening of this issue sees us joined by Nadia (aka the Unstoppable Wasp) and Xavier, Riri’s fellow Star Trek aficionado that we remember from the earlier issues in Ewing’s run. Joining them vicariously is N.A.D.I.A who still likes to talk about pizza with the gang, even though she can’t physically avail of it. We are eased into this issue quite gently with some mild humor, before we get really thrown into an action packed special.

The theme of this issue is Zombies with a horde army of the undead descending upon Riri and her companions. Yet again the strength of this book is the comedic timing of the interaction between the characters, with the award for the choicest comedy going to Xavier who actually steals the show this issue. The suspense is held to the end though and yet again Ewing remains true to Riri’s essential character, while injecting a certain levity into proceedings. What is often a tricky balancing act is well executed here, in a book that is now becoming a reliable presence at the top of the reading pile.

The undead action, and the heroic response to it in this issue, it is brought to life well by Vecchio’s art and Milla’s color combinations. As funny and action packed as the writing is in this book, the art matches it step for step with some nice dynamic action panels, mixed with nice character portrayal. This issue picks up the action again in a big way after the one shot Miles cameo appearance last issue. Worth checking out at the beginning of a new story arc.


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