Black Cat #1 Review

Written by: Jed Mackay
Art by:Travel Foreman, Nao Fuji and Mike Dowling
Colors by: Brian Reber
Letters by: Ferran Delgado
Cover Price: $4.99
Release Date: June 5, 2019

I can’t say I have any history with Black Cat past her showing up in Nick Spencer’s Amazing Spider-Man since Fresh Start began. So, when I heard this book was coming out, it may surprise you that I was pretty excited. You see, I like Jed Mackay and Travel Foreman a lot, but it also was the fact that since we started the podcast and site, I have liked these “side books” a lot more than the big ones and this one fits nicely into the hole that Black Widow left when it recently ended. So, how was my first dip your toe into the pool issue with Felicia? Let’s find out…

The issue opens with Felicia going to a fancy art exhibit that I know I’d never be allowed to attend. I mean, I would wear my dress-up hoodie and everything, but you know those fancy rich people would still snub me! Maybe that’s why I was rooting for Felicia to steal everything is site before things even got going. Jed Mackay actually gets things going before you realize as Felicia’s partners in crime (literally) are introduced before we even know who they are let alone that they are in cahoots with her.

We then get one of the major players, Sonny Ocampo, who is in charge of security. Mackay uses Sonny for a little subtle humor as he plays the trope of the paranoid obsessive authority figure who just knows that Felicia is going to do something bad and will be there when she does. Think the Principle from Ferris Beuhler meets Axel Foley. Of course, we all know he’s right and that’s a lot the fun here.

Mackay also ties into the story that got Felicia here as with continue the Odessa Drake/Theives Guild story set up in Amazing Spider-Man. I had fun with the Superhero heist that started it all so I am looking forward to seeing more of Odessa.

We continue with Felicia admiring some paintings which draws the added attention of Ocampo who is being duped the whole time. I’ll tell you why this works so well…Mackay doesn’t make Ocampo an over the top idiot. By the end, I kind of started to like him even.

Things really pick up as we meet Felicia’s crew, realize they were playing a part the whole time, did a switch-a-roo heist and are now in a high-speed chase in a Cooper Mini with ninjas on the roof!

The story ends with Ocampo saving Black Cat (she’s in the costume finally), but ending up in the bay as a thank you and Felicia and her crew celebrating for now. The Cliffhanger is obviously for readers more in the know than me, but I am excited to continue reading this series.
There are two backup stories and while the first one is quick and cute, the second featuring the character in the cliffhanger has Dracula playing Baccarat in full Dracula attire before getting attacked by Immortal Monster Hunter, Ulysses Bloodstone, and it stole the show.

I’ve already seen people upset that this book is too like Catwoman over at DC and while I think there will always be similarities, I like this issue more than any current Selina ones over at the competition. Mackay not only gives you a preview of the tone of the book, but also Felicia’s friends and coworkers and even a fun protagonist to boot. It may not have knocked my socks off, but Mackay does everything to get me excited to continue reading and then some. Travel Foreman’s art is top notch and the whole art team brings their A-game as the panels just pop off the page.

Final Thoughts:

I really liked this number one and Black Cat is now on my pull list. The combination of action, intrigue, and humor was really well paced and the art was a highlight as well. Your mileage may vary based on your background with the character and what you want from her, but I really enjoyed it.


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