Marvel’s Spider-Man: The Black Cat Strikes #2 Review

Writer: Dennis “Hopeless” Hallum
Art: Luca Maresca, Rachelle Rosenberg, VC’s Travis Lanham, and Sana Takeda
Price: $3.99
Release Date: February 12, 2020

This series is an adaptation of the DLC for the Playstation 4 Spider-Man game, and while I wasn’t a fan of Spider-Man: City At War adaptation that preceded this, I liked the first issue of this series enough to keep going. Did I like this issue as well? Let’s find out…

We start this issue in the past. We see the struggle that Peter had with dating Black Cat, someone whom he knows steals, and he keeps letting her get away with it. Now probably the only part of this that irks me is he is saying this all out loud, instead of using narration boxes. It is just a personal nitpick, however. Pete finally decides to take this seriously and gives Felicia an ultimatum. Either she returns all of the stuff she has stolen, or he will be back tomorrow to turn her in. I will say this; this opening caught my attention! Will we get to see Spidey give Black Cat the Bye Felicia treatment?

Unfortunately, that will have to wait as we head back to the present. Peter is still shocked about what may or may not have happened between him and Black Cat, and while he’s trying to deal with that, MJ calls. We find out that Hammerhead is using Black Cat to do some pretty bad things, and the whole time, Peter is trying to play it off like he has no connection to Black Cat at all. But just like Spidey’s Spider-Sense, Mary Jane’s reporter sense (and maybe some womanly intuition as well) is tingling.

Back in the past again, we get an unremarkable fight between Shocker and Spider-Man, and I was shocked myself…usually, Hallum comes through with some cool fight scenes, but this was a bit of a dud. Black Cat shows up to save the day, and while stealing is pretty exciting, so is dating Spider-Man. I wonder how long her new “no stealing” policy will last?

We continue with a bit of a training session that doesn’t go so well, but then seeing the two of them team up to take down Electro was pretty cool to see. Felicia learns another important lesson later… Heroes aren’t in it for the fame.

We end in the present day with Peter chasing Black Cat, and while I liked everything we got here, the issue ends with someone who isn’t so thrilled about what is going on!

Final Thoughts:

Since this is a mini-series, I thought we would have more of an overall story going after two issues. That said, this book is a whole lot of fun, and the dialogue and art were great. Highly recommend!


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