Spider-Man: City At War #3 Review

Writer: Dennis Hopeless Hallum
Artist: Michele Bandini, David Curiel, and VC’s Travis Lanham
Release Date: May 29, 2019
Cover Price: $3.99

It’s hard to base this series only on the issues, due for a fact that this is basically a carbon copy of the game. Issue 1 was heavenly on Peter, issue 2 was basically Miles part of the game and now issue 3 is Mary Jane’s part of the game. With knowing who the big villain is in the video game, and fact that we are now halfway done, do we start seeing the a certain character’s heel turn? Or was that too much to put in this six issue mini? Let’s dig in and see what we have here…

The issue starts off Mary Jane going through her pictures and trying to find more clues about the bombing that happened a month ago. Thankfully as she scrolls through her pictures, she sees one picture that unfortunately, is a bit too obvious to miss. Like seriously, you see Martin Li with blue hands and glowing eyes, and he really isn’t blending in that well. Curious to know what she has been doing for the past month if she just found this. With knowing very little about this world’s Mary Jane, it is a shame that they didn’t start this issue with a bit of a background or even in the blur about what the book is about, to talk about her and get to know her.

We then see Peter at the homeless shelter, trying to get Miles to talk and open up about what he is going through, and sadly, Miles keeps giving him the “bye Felicia” treatment. As Peter’s phone rings, he heads to Martin Li’s office for some privacy and for Mary Jane to give Peter the “surprise” reveal that Martin Li is Mister Negative. At first he doesn’t believe her but then suddenly, three of his henchmen walk straight into Martin’s office. With the masks and guns locked and loaded, like seriously!? A bit forced.

Later that night while MJ and Peter are discussing what they just found, Pete receives a notification about a crime at Oscorp. Spidey tries to stop the Inner Demons from accomplishing their mission but too bad for him, Oscorp’s new security stops Spider-Man. On their way escaping the building, some of the dialogue felt forced just to tell us literally what is happening all in couple of sentences. Thankfully MJ has able to sneak around and trail the henchmen to Central Park, where Sable International, is holding what everyone wants. MJ managed to sneak back to the scientist who is making “Devil’s Breath”, where we learn what it is all right before Martin Li shows up and makes matters worse.

Final Thoughts:

Well, was not a fan of the Miles and MJ’s section of the video game and was not fan of them getting each an issue in this mini-series. While the art is great, if you have already played the game then no clue why you would pick this up. If you didn’t play the game, then you will not be a fan of this issue because it was centered on MJ. Would have been nice to see some background on Mary Jane.


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