Magnificent Ms. Marvel #3 Review


Written by Saladin Ahmed
Pencils by Minkyu Jung
Inks by Juan Vlasco
Colors by Ian Herring
Letters by Joe Caramanga
Cover by Eduard Petrovich
Editor Alanna Smith
Assistant Editor Shannon Andrews

The plotline of this run so far has dealt with some tensions within Kamala’s family about her role as Ms Marvel, tensions that were momentarily set aside to address the peril to her Mother and Father. This issue picks up just as we realize that that peril was not as it appeared and was in fact a trial of sorts, posed by alien visitors to determine if Kamala is their Sword of Saffa, the Shield to a Million Children, and the destined one!


The beauty of the twist in this tale is that it brings up the tensions from the first issue, with both father and mother recovering their protective stance. As her father forbids her from accompanying her alien visitors to provide their planet aid, Kamala’s mother suggests an alternative…that they join Kamala in outer space. This lends itself to a fun story with Ahmed really using the set-up to good effect. We see the Khan family hosted by Maliq Zeer the ruler of the imperilled planet, and get the background to the situation faced by his people and why they feel Kamala is the destined one who is here to protect them.

This leads to some fine lines, “Kamala, this is madness, They are treating you like a Nabi. You are not an alien savior — you’re from New Jersey”! As the action continues we become aware that all may not be as simple as it was potrayed by Zeer in his account.


The art is used to great effect in this issue. The legend of the destined one is also portrayed excellently through the artwork in a little mini tale around a third of the way into the book. Likewise the alien homestead is depicted in a lovely purple hue from Herring’s colors. The style of Jung’s art is just perfect for this book and special mention should also be made to the variety of lettering styles deployed through this issue. This is a book that provides a quality return for the cover price with all elements of the book complimenting each other well.

The tale itself is left on an intriguing note and the arc has packed a lot in so far in the three issues served up. Anyone that was fearing the departure of Wilson from writing duties on this book need fret not, for my money Ahmed is proving himself a born successor, and he has the team around him to keep me around for a lot longer.


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