War of the Realms #3 Review

Written by: Jason Aaron
Art by: Ryan Dauterman, Matthew Wilson, and VC’s Joe Sabino
Cover Price: $4.99
Release Date: May 1, 2019

I have enjoyed the War of the Realms Event a ton more than I ever thought I would so far. I’m not just talking the main book, either, but also a bunch of the crossovers and tie-ins as well. I know we have a long ride ahead of us still, but I really like what Jason Aaron has been cooking and I couldn’t wait to get to this issue to continue into the main course. Now that it’s here, does it still have me pumped? Let’s find out…

The last issue was all about getting the good guys together so they could separate into groups and go pound the heck out of Malekith’s army. This issue opens with Jason Aaron getting right to it. Captain America and his team are heading off to Jotunheim to find Thor, Daredevil is in Asgard reforming the Rainbow Bridge with Heimdall, Freya and her crew are in Svartalfheim and Captain Marvel and the War Avengers are in Europe taking the fight right at Malekith himself. I won’t go fully into all the teams because most of the fun is seeing who’s with whom and it’s one of those things where when each one is introduced, they become your new favorite until the next one is shown. For the record, though, I like Caps team the best.

As each of the teams battles on, Aaron really spends his time showing the immense scope of the war. Besides the away teams, we also see Tony Stark and Shuri (yea!) making tech and weapons and the Fantastic Four still fighting the good fight in New York. It is all so cinematic and looks awesome thanks to Ryan Dauterman’s art coupled with Matthew Wilson’s colors.

As far as story progression goes, there are some really big things going on even if the overall pacing is slowed down a bit because of having so many characters to go back and forth to. My complaint that we aren’t getting Thor much yet is remedied a bit by the end, but it’s one of those “careful what you wish for things” that makes a really cool cliffhanger.

This was a good issue overall. Yea, it seems like one of its main purposes is to set up some of the tie-in series, but I still had fun reading it and it looked incredible. My only real complaint is that it did make some of the tie-in issues seem odd after reading it and yes, I am mainly talking about Cullen Bunn’s story in Venom. Other than that, though, if you’ve been digging all of the War of the Realms so far, I don’t think this will disappoint you.

Final Thoughts:

Though this issue seems to really want to push some of the other tie-in books rather than get a lot of ground covered, I liked it. Jason Aaron gives the Event a bigger scope and Ryan Dauterman’s art is so darn good. I am still on the WOR trolley and can’t wait for the next stop.


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