Spider-Gwen: Ghost-Spider #8 Review

Writer: Seanan McGuire
Artist: Takeshi Miyazawa
Cover Artist: Bengal
Release Date: May 1, 2019
Cover Price: $3.99

Well this book is spinning out of Spider-Geddon from the tie-ins and felt it was really unnecessary. Even in the Spider event when she said she was going to change her name to something new, she out of no where said Ghost Spider. We are now five issues post the Spider event and no one has called her Ghost Spider yet, which kinda is a bummer due to Marvel even saying they are going to change her name. Going in to this series was my first time with the Spider-Gwen character and have a feeling that there is a good amount of info I missed about her and her powers from her previous run. Can her new title, live up to her previous one? Let’s dig in and see what we have here…

After realizing that her symbiote (yes she has one on her and it is totally different from what I am used to) is sick, she enlists the help of her good friend and possible love interest, Harry Osborn to get her a meeting with Dr. Elsa Brock, a scientist at Oscorp. And right off the bat I noticed the art and boy has this comic seen better days. The art in this book is like a little rollar coaster. Where the faces from the character we want to see don’t have much details and the characters around them have even less.

As Harry and Gwen go and find Dr. Brock, they are informed that no one works for the company with the name Dr. Elsa Brock. I don’t know this world that much and what role Harry has with Oscorp but found it strange he couldn’t just take Gwen up their because they do get a visitor’s pass and she does say what room is Dr. Brock’s. The next couple of pages, the faces do get slightly better unfortunately the dialogue not so much due to somehow Gwen says because Harry has no powers, he can’t help. I don’t get that from her saying there’s no one to help her and he can’t help.

Later while Gwen is researching and trying to find Dr. Elsa Brock, she is getting screamed at by MJ due to time to get back to playing music. And we better get some tragic or some story in which now we feel bad for MJ because so far every issue we have had, I can’t stand her! Either get rid of MJ or have Gwen grow a spine and show her what’s what. Although wouldn’t be surprised if by next issue we do see something where she snaps. Feel like this is an ongoing there where they play some music and MJ and Gwen argue about anything related to Gwen being a superhero, in which I just roll my eyes for how much we see this happening in this book series. Unfortunately, this is where the art is split again. Where the beginning of this scene the art was eh okay but later as the scene went on, the art grew better!

All of that anger from MJ leads Gwen finding some thugs to fight and starts punching them, she wouldn’t stop. She went crazy and forced the bad guys to come back and starts whaling on them. At that point she leaves on her spiders, in one of the bad guy’s hair (pretty sure that is from the Symbiote as well, no clue about them though). We see that those bad guys were working for some giant blue wolf and the Jackal, both who we saw couple issues back. No clue if these are important people to know, as of now I have no clue about them. But the leader, the giant wolf, mentions that the time has come to strike down and kill Gwen. As we see Gwen is playing at a concert and notices a bomb as she tries to save everyone, the bomb goes off and that is where the book ends!

Final Thought

Seems like the Ghost Spider part of her name was only to draw in new readers and really not change a thing about the character. Unless the Symbiote will have some changes coming up. Well the cliffhanger sure got me looking forward to next issue which I must say, might be the first time I have been looking for a Spider-Gwen issue. The artwork unfortunately needs to stay consist because some of the pages were terrible and not worth looking at! McGuire is doing fine on writing but he needs a new artist.


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