Meet the Skrulls #4 Review

Writer: Robbie Thompson
Artist: Niko Henrichon
Cover: Marcos Martin
Release Date: May 1, 2019
Cover Price: $3.99

This is one miniseries that I feel is under many people’s radar, and quite shouldn’t be! It’s time for the aftermath of that showdown, in which we were unable to watch. This is also the second to last issue in this miniseries so one has to ask, what will be revealed that will make us want the last issue to come right now! Let’s dig in and see what we have here…

We open the issue same as before; this issue’s flashback we start off with a war that featured the mom and dad. We also get their names, Gloria’s real name is G’iah and Carl’s real name is Kirr. There Carl lets Gloria know what their next mission is, heading to Earth. In which she informs him that she is pregnant.

Back to the present, we see Carl reveals some more truth to the family; he knew someone was after them but he thought he could find out who that person was sooner and stop them. As Gloria is literally beating him up for not informing the family or even her about this, he tries to make it positive and capitalize on the moment while Gloria is terrified for what they have done to mold their children into this life.

The family tries to think of what to do especially now how Gloria refuses to let her kids out of her sight. Could it be from trying to shield the kids from going further in the deep end or could it be from the shocking betrayal from her husband?… Carl heads and looks at the Skrull killer, Agent Echo’s dead body. And he notices an earpiece in Agent Echo’s ear, Carl confirms the targets were killed, by disguising himself as Agent Echo.

Carl, now as Agent Echo, heads down to the Agent’s base while Gloria, Madison, and Alice heads down to a secure facility disguised as a Congresswoman, her assistant, and Alice took the disguise as her mom. At Agent Echo’s base, Carl was able to get past security and found the lock he needed to turn while Gloria at the facility, found her lock she must turn and in doing so it was revealed that Ivy is still alive! The flashback’s and the mentions of Ivy throughout the previous 3 issues, made it obvious that Ivy will a main focus point throughout the story and this didn’t feel forced, just natural!

Earlier in the issue, Carl informed Moloth on what has occurred with Alice and Agent Echo, which the whole scene felt a bit sketchy. Like in a movie where the good guy informs over the phone of what has been happening and we see the guy is having lunch with the bad guy, that is what that scene felt like! And then later when the mission was all done, out in the parking lot Carl was trying to reach Gloria when the Moloth sneaks up behind him. And thanks him for what he has done for the Skrull Empire in which Carl was a bit confused as he didn’t do it for the Skrull Empire, right before he gets shot!

Final Thoughts:

The team of Thompson and Henrichon is really making this book stand out! Most books I feel like the return of Ivy would have been forced but this felt more natural in a way. This could easily be one of Marvel’s best miniseries of 2019! I am looking forward to the exciting conclusion of this miniseries!


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