Meet the Skrulls #3 Review

Writer: Robbie Thompson
Artist: Niko Henrichon
Cover: Marcos Martin
Release Date: April 17, 2019
Cover Price: $3.99

Lately feel like Marvel’s miniseries really has been knocking it out of the park. This might be my favorite issue so far from this miniseries! We are shown what actually happened to the Warner family’s other daughter, Ivy. And we get the reveal of who won against that cliffhanger battle Skrull vs Skrull killer. Let’s dig in and see what we have here…

We started this issue with a flashback. This time we actually see the whole Warner family on a possible jet who we can assume it was Ivy and her mom having a conversation with each other, as the family is getting ready to jump in for their mission and possible last mission for Ivy…

Back in the present we have dad Skrull and mom Skrull getting ready for their mission who the mom is still the security guard from her last mission. They quickly transform and the dad takes Tony Stark while the mom takes Pepper Pots as they zip out of their current building on to the next for their mission. Which made me curious because if she could transform why was she still the security guard?

Let’s check back in with Madison and her mission. As she transforms into Hannah’s dad to not blow her cover, we see even Madison act very professional and relaxed to bring Hannah back to bed. But apparently Ivy is on people’s mind in this mission as Madison by accident calls Hannah, Ivy. In order to calm herself down she recalls a memory of Ivy giving her advice in shifting and both of them shifting into these two giant monsters, which feel like that was out of place and would have executed better as a human or maybe a character we have seen in comics recently.

Back with the parents on their mission, we see them break into a a Stark owned building and what seems to be a giant safe/ vault that neither of them can get access to so while mother dearest crawls through the vents to get on the inside, it gives the dad Skrull a flashback of Ivy on what could be her last mission where she is is fighting some guys and the platform blows up that she is on, unfortunately, the moment to stare away gave security enough time to come in and interfere and have weapons to detect their true self’s. But they still overcame their odds and got what they came for which seems to be they took a security guards goggles, no clue if that was part of their plan or just took it for why not.

With everyone’s mission complete they all head home to see the front door open and what seems to be that it was blasted open. The father rushes in and we see the end result of Alice vs. the Skrull killer.

Final Thoughts

So we finally get the result of the battle of last week’s cliffhanger, something that I have been looking forward to since issue one, and the result was a bit disappointed that we don’t see any of the battle. The artwork though was a bit off in this issue on a few panels. But other than those two things, issue is a great. Been saying this for a while even though there is no narration boxes, this book doesn’t need them. It is straight forward.


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