Meet the Skrulls #1 Review

Writer: Robbie Thompson
Artist: Niko Henrichon
Cover: Marcos Martin
Release Date: March 6, 2019
Cover Price: $3.99

A book about the Skrulls caught my attention. They are known to be quite dangerous. With a title like, Meet the Skrulls, one can assume that the book will be about a bunch of outcast Skrulls trying to fit in, in our bizarre world. But nope, actually it is more of the opposite. What could have been a 3rd Rock to the Sun type book, became more like the Americans. But now did that make the book good? Let’s dig in and see what we have here…

We start off the issue with some stranger walking around town and at this point this could either be a Skrull or a human trying to kill a Skrull because later we see it has it’s eyes set on a family. Next thing you know, this stranger either has electric gloves on or is some sort of robot because he we see metal arms that he uses to zap the family to death. But then we see his arms again and they are normal saying he objective has been completed and some project named “Project Blossom” is ready for next phase, still no clue if this guy is a good guy or bad.

We cut back to a field trip with a school that could possibly be doing a butterfly field trip. There, some girl that one can assume is Skrull just the way she is being all weird like, is playing with a caterpillar. Unfortunately, this outcast is being bullied by some of her classmates due to her stalking one of the popular kids. Personally, at this point I thought the Skrull was going to attack the bullies just out of rage but a teacher came by and for a split second that got the Skrull to quickly leave the situation while the teacher punishes the two bullies for not paying attention. Instead we see a butterfly fly off and leave the building to go on travel, which obviously is a Skrull. At this point, there has been no narration at all, which is quiet surprising but it only adds a bit of mystery as to what is going on.

Turns out that the Skrull butterfly is heading home to dinner with her Skrull family. There we see a picture that one can assume is a family picture with three daughters, mom, and dad. However, at the dinner table, they were only four Skrulls counting for. Which one can assume the other is dead. We find out each of the Skrulls were assigned someone to follow and to change the outcome of some project called, Project Blossom. Everyone’s objective is going according to plan except for Alice who we find out was the girl who was bullied and who turned into a butterfly. Due to her failure, the family screams at each other making sure everyone remembers that this mission is above all which triggers Alice to leave the table reminding them that she will never measure up to the other girl in the picture who we can all assume is dead. At this point, I kind of feel for Alice and find her and the dad the most interesting part of the issue so far.

Later we see the dad Skrull, Carl, meeting with someone they call Uncle Billy. There we see that Project Blossom must be stopped by any means necessary. Before leaving, Uncle Billy warns Carl that he does not want a repeat of the Jones, as he shows Carl pictures of dead Skrulls. Same position that the family we saw in the beginning of the issue were in to tell us that whoever killed that family in the beginning, killed Skrulls. As we then see that stranger from the beginning at the field trip that Alice attended in the beginning of the issue. Which begs the question, is this guy killing Skrulls that could comprise their misssion? Or is he killing Skulls because he hates them and wants to rid the world of him?

Robbie Thompson so far has me hooked! Niko Henrichon makes the art work. For my first actual issue of reading about Skrulls, I am looking forward to issue two. However, this issue didn’t have any narration, wish it had at least some to tell us more about the Skrulls. But it seems like this will be a simple straight forward issue.


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