Marvel Comics Presents #4 Review

Writers: Charles Soule, Daniel Kibblesmith, Ben Percy
Art Teams: Paulo Siqueira, Oren Junior, Frank D’Armata, Pepe Perez, Rachelle Rosenberg, Juan Ferreyra
Release Date: April 24, 2019
Cover Price: $4.99

The Marvel Comics Presents issues from back in the late eighties were some of the first comics put into my hands as a kid and things took off from there.   As a young-in I enjoyed the variety of characters and stories present in these issues, and the fact many of these books also featured Wolverine stories, definitely peeked my interests my interests as well.  With three issues in the bag so far in the series return, I have found myself enjoying the book and its classic concept once again,  just as much if not more than I did previously. So with all that being said lets get into issue four here featuring Wolverine, Spidey, and Moon Knight!

The first story is our feature, which has thus far been running for the length of this title so far, in which every ten years Wolverine and Sylvie must banish a demon called the Truth once again. In their most recent encounter much has changed between the old friends since the last ten years have gone by but their commitment to the cause remains none the less.  Once they arrive at the scene, Truth presents the duo with a choice, save the citizens of the town being decimated or save the world. Sylvie and Wolverine separate attempting to do both, and appear successful at first, however a nice twist towards the end of the story breaks it out of the pattern that has been developed, and has me really excited for what may be the conclusion to this arc next issue.  Charles Soule has been writing Wolverine for a bit now, with varying degrees of success if you ask me, however this might be my favorite Wolverine story he’s done yet.  The art here is also excellent once again, with all character renderings looking fantastic, and the time periods being shown all standing out on their own throughout the series.  – 8.5/10

The second story is a fun time period one shot centered around Spider-Man/Peter Parker and his attempts to go see, the new phenomenon in theaters during the 70’s, Star Wars.  While waiting in line for the show Peter obviously sees something go down in Times Square that forces him to jump into the role of Spider-Man.  While chasing the thief he ends up coming into contact with the Gibbon, handling the villain and his cohort quickly, then returning the stolen goods back to their rightful owner.  As a gift Spidey is given some memorabilia, that gets him to the front of the line involving a nice twist, as a young Peter Parker’s mind is then blown in amazement at the marvel that was Star Wars during that point in time.  The art in this story has a more classic feel and look to it, capturing the late 70’s throwback tone its going for nicely, and while not much hard hitting happens here, its a fun one-shot story none the less. – 7.8/10

Our final story is a Moon Knight one shot, that see’s the Green Arrow team of Ben Percy and Juan Ferreyra reunite, with Spector attempting to solve some serial murders recently occurring.   This is a quick, breezy, and very creepy story that does a great job of cramming what Moon Knight tends to deal with, supernatural threats, into the page space provided.  The art by Juan Ferreyra looks amazing and sets the tone for whats going down expertly, the splash page fight scene is gripping as Moon Knight works his way through the facility, and there is some truly grizzly stuff drawn throughout the story setting the mood perfectly. Percy does a great job of setting the scene and letting Juan do this thing, and you can see why the two work so well together when the story concludes satisfyingly as well.  – 9.0/10

Overall Marvel Comics Presents continues to be worth the price of admission, providing readers with a couple nice one shots featuring various characters from month to month, while keeping a underrated but interesting ongoing Wolverine story running through the first four issues so far.  If some of the ongoing titles that are caught up in the War of the Realms currently might be rubbing you in the wrong direction, Marvel Comics Presents is a perfect palette cleanser to get back to some more normal regular adventures, featuring your favorite characters of the Marvel Universe.

Final Thoughts:

Each story is worth the price of admission here and coupled with some beautiful art. Percy and Ferreyra’s Moon Knight steals the show this issue.


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