Fantastic Four #23 Review

Writer: Dan Slott Artist: Paco Medina Colors: Jesus Aburtov Letters: VC’s Joe Caramagna Release Date: 9/2/2020 Price: $3.99 *SPOILERS FOR ISSUE 23* The importance of Jo-Venn and N’Kalla as the Kree Chronicle of Blood and Skrull Requiem of Souls was played out to be so much more than what Dan Slott used them for. Children that held literal history of each species in body and … Continue reading Fantastic Four #23 Review

Empyre: The Avengers #1 Review

The Kree & Skrulls have united to defeat a common enemy, the Cotati. As they wage war on planet Earth, it is apparent that casualties of war, human or otherwise, are non-important to the Kree or Skrull. Thus Earth’s Mightiest Heroes are here, to do less than nothing in what Marvel is calling their Phase One of this ridiculously long event. Continue reading Empyre: The Avengers #1 Review

Road to Empyre Kree Skrull War #1 Preview

Road to Empyre Kree Skrull War #1 Preview: Road to Empyre Kree Skrull War #1 By Robbie Thompson arrives this week as the build-up to Marvel’s massive event series of the spring begins here-but in actuality, it began a millennia ago, with a challenge on the moon! In the wake of INCOMING, everything has changed for the Kree and the Skrulls. Check out the Road to Empyre Kree Skrull War #1 Preview HERE! Continue reading Road to Empyre Kree Skrull War #1 Preview

Marvel Team-Up #5 Review and Spoilers

Carol and Kamala have been tracking down a gang of thieves who have been stealing Kree technology from various Damage Control warehouses up and down the east coast. At the end of last issue, they finally confronted the gang only to find out that its leader is none other than Mar-Vell the long-presumed dead Kree supersoldier whose name Carol now bears. Or is he? Let’s find out… Continue reading Marvel Team-Up #5 Review and Spoilers