Ravencroft #5 Review

Ravencroft #5 Review: Will Misty Knight and John Jameson make it out of the asylum alive? Will the Unwanted finally become Wanted? All this and more in this week’s Ravencroft #5. Check out the Ravencroft #5 Review HERE! Continue reading Ravencroft #5 Review

The Punisher #15 Review

Last month’s issue ended with the big reveal of an impromptu street-level superteam led by Frank Castle and assembled without his knowledge by Black Widow. That ending was a nice symmetrical counterpoint to issue 13’s cliffhanger ending which revealed that Baron Zemo had resurrected his Thunderbolts team in order to track (and take) down The Punisher. It would not be unreasonable, then, to expect this issue to feature some super-powered fisticuffs. Let’s find out, eh? Continue reading The Punisher #15 Review

Preview: Symbiote Spider-Man #4

PETER DAVID and GREG LAND continue their tale that takes place during the original Alien Costume Saga! Mysterio finds himself in possession of a sliver of the black costume, unaware of its true nature… 
Then, tensions continue to mount between Peter Parker, A.K.A. SPIDER-MAN, and his girlfriend, Felicia Hardy, A.K.A. THE BLACK CAT, as she’s been keeping something from him – something that threatens to tear apart their relationship! Continue reading Preview: Symbiote Spider-Man #4

Preview: The Punisher #13

THE HOME FRONT! Frank Castle is back in New York, but being labeled an international terrorist has made it an inhospitable homecoming. One man who is certainly not happy Frank’s back: NYC’s new mayor, Wilson Fisk, the “former” Kingpin of Crime. And Baron Zemo’s not done with Frank yet…
Parental Advisory  Continue reading Preview: The Punisher #13