Captain Marvel #20 REVIEW

Writer: Kelly Thompson
Art: Cory Smith and Jorge Molina
Price: $3.99
Release Date: August 19th, 2020

Carol gathered her core group of friends (last issue) because she didn’t totally trust her Accuser powers. The Hammer maybe clouding her judgement, but it may also be singing for someone else in Carol’s bloodline. With Doctor Strange magic Carol was able to have the hammer’s power divided between her comrades. Now the Hammer Time Quartet can get to work finding the destroyer of K’in-Al and clearing the name of Carol’s half sister Lauri-Ell.

We first get the team meeting Carol’s new sister. It is a bit of a waste of time since Lauri-Ell is pretty much a shadow of a character. She likes flowers. She was made and designed to be a warrior, and she was made from Carol’s Kree mother’s DNA. That is all we know about her. Hearing the exact same information is just a waste of ink.

Carol leaves her sister back at her apartment again while she and her team ( I’m not even going to mention their names because they don’t really matter) go to King Teddy for info on Wastrel. He is the one and only suspect and that is only because he gave himself away on Carol’s earlier re-reconnaissance of the planet. King Teddy gives them the info and off they go.

To fight a couple robots and easily take down this human looking smart guy that is good with a wrench apparently.

Final Thoughts:

The art yet again is just fantastic. Every panel is just electric, packed with action, and detail. Cory Smith excels at using all of the real-estate given by the panel borders. This story on the other hand has just fallen completely flat for me. I don’t know if it is because of my lack of interest in this event as a whole, or if the writer also had a similar lack of interest in this event and it shows in the writing?


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