Captain Marvel #19 REVIEW

Writer: Kelly Thompson
Art: Cory Smith and Jorge Molina
Price: $3.99
Release Date: August 12th, 2020

Carol Danvers now wields the power of The Accuser. With it she was supposed to judge a being powerful enough to destroy a whole planet. The first Kree and Skrull shared planet, an experiment in desegregation. Once on the decimated planet Carol found that the accused is none other than her test tube raised half sister, Lauri-Ell. After fleeing the planet with the accused Carol is about to find judgement isn’t always black and white and as easy as a hammer strike.

This issue we find Carol warping back into Mar-Da’En airspace. Mar-Da’En is the planet that was supposedly destroyed by Lauri-Ell. She is having a talk with Emperor Hulkling, who seems way more in charge than he feels in any other title. He is worried about the shaky footing the Empire is built on, and if Carol can’t figure out who to punish for the disaster the disaster might lead to the fracturing of the Empire.

In order to work freely to find evidence Carol stashes Lauri-Ell in the only place she could be safe and out of trouble, her apartment. Yep, Carol decides to leave a possible mass murderer at her apartment in New York City with her cat keeping an eye on her. Not Avengers Mountain, Not her hidden cave in Maine, Not with Alpha Flight in space Nope lets take this genetically modified super Kree that you met 5 minutes ago to one of the most populated places on Earth. Just so we can have this fish out of water stroll through town apparently in the thirty six second window of time it took the Cotati to go from the moon to Earth. This is where the book took a nose dive for me. Three pages in!! Really it comes down to over all tone for me. These fish out of water moments we get with Lauri-Ell strolling through the big city with the cat in tow really just feel completely out of place at this time in the event. It’s like a clown is doing sight gag humor while Rome is burning behind him. Get the hell out of the way clown I’m trying to watch shit burn!

It’s being played for laughs I get that, but Carol just rescued this alien from a planet it is accused of destroying. Then she imminently brings her home to Earth, that is about to be destroyed. Just so she can quickly fly back to the destroyed Mar-Da’En to do some “detective” work. To then fly back to Earth to fight Cotati with her half sister. Plus the cliffhanger of Carol setting up her own team with the help of Doctor Strange is just another thing Carol will have to be dealing with, and being one of the more important characters thus far in the Empyre main title it just feels like way to much for her to do while all the other characters have very little to do.

Final Thoughts:

I was totally in on this tie-in to an event last issue, but for me, this just might be a jump the shark moment that has helped take me completely out of this event I was struggling to even like a little. The Art is absolutely fantastic though. Cory Smith, Adriano Di Benedetto, and Tamra Bonvillain really breath life into every panel. I really could just flip through this book all day.


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