Marvel’s Avengers Captain America #1 Review

Writer: Paul Allor
Art: Georges Jeanty, Marc Deering, Scott Hanna, Andy Troy, Chris Sotomayor, VC’s Joe Caramagna, and Stonehouse
Price: $3.99
Release Date: March 18th, 2020

Well, so far all the one-shots have actually been pretty good and actually get a good vibe of the character with good writing and artwork. They have thesame same feel as all of the Gamerverse issues. All of the issues actually have been getting me excited for the game. They all feel like a basic issue for that character, sort of like when the show Earth’s Mightiest Heroes had those one-shot episodes to get you on the know for all the characters. Hopefully, this issue gets me excited like the others. Let’s dig in and see what we have here…

We begin our issue with Captain America facing off against Batroc and his cronies with flashbacks to the days when he was in the war. So far, I do feel the Captain America vibe with the flashbacks. However, it’s too bad the flashback really didn’t do anything for the story. Plus, the action we see from Captain America is extremely well done! Unfortunately, after a while, the dialogue goes downhill. The battle ended pretty anticlimactic but foreshadowed trouble on its way. Readers, it’s the art that’s really ruining the book. One panel we see Steve leaving the battle as the cops show up and it is really off-putting and blurry. Hopefully, things change soon!

The opening battle scene alone took up more than half of the issue, which makes me question how quickly the this issue is going. Could it be half an issue with a battle dealing with Steve trying to find his place in this new world?

After that quick battle with Batroc, Cap attends a friend’s funeral. We get even more flashbacks, this time flashbacks include his friend, the one that he is attending the funeral for. The quick flashback story was ok at best. We see a quick recap battle and Steve doing stuff that makes him live up to his name. Ultimately, the flashbacks could have been handled better! From Steve’s opening battle scene, something was off. Steve takes down Batroc once more however quickly and quite boringly.

Final Thoughts:

I really enjoyed each and every one of the Marvel Avenger’s one-shots, except for this! The writing was the best part and even that was just okay. The art was really awful and it felt like Paul Allor was trying a bit too hard to write a Captain America issue. I would not recommend this issue!


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