King Thor #3 Review

Writer: Jason Aaron

Art: Esad Ribić, Ive Svorcina, Das Pastoras, and VC’s Joe Sabino

Price: $3.99

Release Date: November 20th, 2019

All-Father Thor believed the fight with his brother Loki – now empowered by the Necrosword and more bitter than ever – would be the bloodiest fight of his long life. But he’s about to be proven wrong in this week’s all-new KING THOR #3 by Jason Aaron. Gorr the God Butcher has bided his time for millennia. Now, it is the end of all things. Let’s fly into this issue to see if this is truly the end of the last of the gods.

The first words out of anyone’s mouth who read this issue will undoubtedly be “Wow”! If you’ve been following Jason Aaron’s THOR since day one, fans will see the beautiful tapestry of continuity and story that has been laid out for years, which only affirms the time and dedication Aaron has for Thor, as well as the comic medium. As a fan who has invested years and money on Aaron’s THOR run, it’s amazing to see his story converge to its climax in this penultimate issue.

The weight of this comic simply feels exceedingly heavy however Aaron somehow manages to make the narrative heartfelt and full of life even on the brink of the entire universe transcending into darkness. The emphasis and driving force behind Aaron’s thunderous run have been watching ”a God” truly become ”Thee God”. Like any child, Thor has had to learn to laugh, to love, to fight, and to deal with lose. After millennia of growing into the All-Father, this issue amplifies the importance of family and shows that the only true way to defeat evil is with love. Aaron shows readers that love is the name of the game with the surprise saving grace that dips the entire way back to THOR: GOD OF THUNDER GODBOMB. If not for one simple action from a God finding his way in a lost world many years ago, the universe could already be destroyed forever.

Not only was Aaron’s story dramatically riveting and filled with nonstop action, Esad Ribić and Ive Svorcina art was astonishingly bright, vivid, crisp, and everything this reader wants from a comic. This is an example of an artist team making the issue clear yet still dark at the same time. The detail from Esad Ribić in each panel and splash page was incredibly stunning and captivated this reviewer immensely. Readers, this issue is totally worth the price of admission and this art team takes Aaron’s work to new heights. Comic fans need to pick this issue up!


If you love Thor, this issue and series are for you. If you’ve been ingrain in Jason Aaron’s run since day one, this issue is unequivocally for you. The passion and commitment that Aaron has for Thor simply pour off of every page. Additionally, the character development and journey he has taken the character on, even since the Summer, is genuinely remarkable. That said, as excited as this reader is for the next issue, it’s also exceptionally disheartening to see Aaron’s run end. Without a shadow of a doubt, all comic fans should be reading KING THOR. Head to your LCS, grab this issue and pick up the first two before it’s too late. Y’all can thank me later!


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