Fantastic Four 2099 #1 Review

Written by: Karla Pacheco
Art by: Steven Cummings, Chris Sotomayor, and VC’s Travis Lanham
Cover Price: $4.99
Release Date: November 20, 2019

Here we are, partying like it’s 2099! All those mega-corporations with their good squads and Doom ruling with an iron fist. What more could a young chap ask for? Well, maybe the Fantastic Four are here to tell up just that and then take it to the streets for the people! Maybe even take it to Yancy Street!!! Let’s find out…

Jumping into this issue, I really didn’t know what to expect. I’ll admit, the art didn’t impress me right away, but I am a story guy first and the two things from the Alpha 2099 issue are in the house…Herbie and Venture!!! Let’s get busy!!! I don’t know why I decided to channel my inner Arsenio Hall there, but I will not apologize for it!

The main narrative starts with Herbie needing Venture to find some of his “friends” and away we go. Karla Pacheco does a decent job showing readers the sites of Neuva York, but when we stop to gather information, everything gets boring and a slog to get through.

Carrying on, Venture ends up meeting one of Herbie’s friends in such a ridiculous way that I almost laughed. Almost. Again, the dialogue between the two is boring and the transition from this to the next scene is not very good. Reading this story feels like riding on a runaway train, and you know what that means…I’m off to listen to Soul Asylum yet again! It’s funny, this issue is all about gathering the team, but as we get each new member, I was less and less excited about the team and this book. Sian is okay, I guess, but just okay.

Things start tying together a bit as the investigation/recruitment continues, but it’s relying too much on a connection to characters I don’t know yet, so it’s hard for me to be that invested in them. While this is going on, there are two other characters that I am interested in…because they seem interesting (!), but also because they are being introduced in a way that is intriguing.

The issue continues with some world-building through a couple of little scenes, a couple little fights, a reunion and then just when you think you have a grip on things…the ending happens! I just rolled my eyes and wanted the time I just wasted back.

Surprise…I didn’t like this! It was a slow read filled with poor dialogue, barely a story and a tweest ending that felt like a kick to the head. There was no time to get invested in the characters so the ending was shocking without the shock. I am very quickly realizing that this 2099 thing might not be for me.

Final Thoughts:

While Alpha 2099 didn’t give me much, Fantastic Four 2099 made me angry. I couldn’t find one reason to recommend so I won’t, but I will never tell anyone not to buy something…that way, you can suffer just like me! I’m a big jerk and I know it! Let’s get busy!!!


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