Contagion #4 Review

Writer: Ed Brisson

Art: Damian Couceiro, Veronica Gandini, and VC’s Cory Petit

Price: $3.99

Release Date: October 23rd, 2019

As the number of remaining heroes dwindles to next to none, the remaining members put their faith in perhaps one of the unlikeliest heroes left. Could “one” of his personas be the key to defeating the Urchin? Let’s find out!

As we have only one issue left things look pretty bleak for our heroes. And unfortunately, this issue looks pretty bleak too. That is unless you like different colors for your backgrounds. If so, you’re in luck. We’ve got purple, orange, yellow, etc…. This book screams what unfortunately most all weekly books do. “I’m rushed!!'” Nothing is more telling of that than backgrounds with literally nothing in them. Some panels at least have some fungus spores in them. The art is also so muddy in spots that I had a hard time telling who I was even looking at, unfortunately.

Ok, enough negativity. You may ask what I did like. First off the fantastic cover of Moon Knight by Juan Jose Ryp and Jesus Abertov certainly needs mentioning, even if it doesn’t altogether represent what’s going on in the story…. Moon Knight isn’t infected, not yet at least.

We also get some really funny dialogue. I didn’t literally “lol”, but a smile was on my face. A mention of the X-men and Karoka actually fits well in the story and to me shows a shared universe and some semblance of continuity. I appreciate continuity very much and I like it when books reference other things going on in the Marvel universe.

Also with next to no options left we see Moon Knight step up and be a leader and get the most dialogue he’s had in a long time, other than his great annual, which you can read a review of here. With Moon Knight being a personal favorite I was glad to see him being featured a bit. Still waiting on an announcement of a Moon Knight ongoing…… Come on Marvel!

We also see Magico come up with a plan of sorts to track the Urchin down. When the Urchin is found, however, the heroes find more than they bargained for though. How they will fare will be seen in next week’s conclusion.

Final Thoughts:

In an issue that has obviously been bogged down by the weekly schedule, the highlight is one of Marvel’s best street-level heroes getting a chance to shine! Hopefully, this series will end next week with a home run rather than a warning track fly out…..


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