Moon Knight #2 (1980) Retro Review

Writer: Doug Moench

Art: Bill Sienkiewicz, Frank Springer, Annette Kawecki

Price: $.50 cents

Release Date: December 1st, 1980

As we continue our look into the complex history of Moon Knight, let’s jump into issue #2 to see where we find our hero!

There’s a new killer in town and the Moon Knight is on patrol. As the “Slasher” makes his way down a dark desolate street, he comes across a homeless man who pays the ultimate price for not answering a question to the Slasher’s liking. Several blocks away Moon Knight breaks up a robbery and tries out some fancy new weapons that he decides he needs to describe as he uses them for the first time. Completely not necessary but it works just fine for introducing his fighting style and weapons. He then quickly leaves with Frenchie’s help and their new chopper.

After a quick change to his Jake Lockley persona he heads to the Gena’s diner and gets some more bad news.

Two old men talk on the streets and say that five mutual friends of theirs have been killed by the Slasher. The Slasher later takes one of them later as another victim, or did he?

One of Gena’s regulars customers who is also Jake Lockley’s friend Crawley, has been attacked by the Slasher. Crawley survives but seems to feel that there’s something familiar about his attacker. We then get some disrespectful doctors and cops who don’t seem to give a poor homeless man as much care as they should.

Through an unfortunate mishap by Marlene, Jake’s cover is blown and Gena, Crawley and Gena’s kids meet up at the mansion. Steven reveals he’s also Moon Knight to the group and hires them as “agents” of sorts to help solve the case.

After a week or so and a change of tactics the Slasher has attacked again but Moon Knight is on the chase! The Slasher is apprehended as Crawley helps Moon Knight.

As the trial for the Slasher starts Crawley lies on the stand and he reveals the reason why. You’ll have to read the issue to find out why….

The Slasher escapes the courthouse with Moon Knight in pursuit. Here we see another example of the stellar art work by Bill Sienkiewicz.

The issue ends is a rather shocking way as all the lose ends are tied up.

I really like the one and done nature of this series so far. A nice precise story all contained in one issue.

Issue #2 does a great job of world building as we see some upgrades to Moon Knights weaponry, but also some good character work. The multiple personas are still confusing and I’m sure they’ll continue to be, but that doesn’t take away at all from the story.

The art continues to be the highlight of the series. Bill Sienkiewicz creates a dark, dreary, bleak atmosphere and Moon Knight’s silvery costume are a great contrast to the atmosphere.

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Final Thoughts:

A really good issue. We’re thrown right into the life of Moon Knight and how he interacts with his friends as well as his own selves. And as every good comic does, it leaves me wanting to read more.


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