Fantastic Four #50 (1966) Retro Review

Fantastic Four #50

Writer: Stan Lee

Art: Jack Kirby, Joe Sinnott, and S. Rosen

Price : .12 cents

Release Date: May 10th, 1966

As we conclude our first look at the Silver Surfer, he’s done the unthinkable and challenged the mighty Galactus! Let’s find out how this Marvelous tale ends!!

As these two powerful entities battle it out there’s much high brow banter going on in this multipage fight. Earth and the human race are again compared to insects multiple times. However, we get some real emotion too. The Surfer is aware of his conscience and although Galactus would destroy the human race in a whim doesn’t want to injure the Surfer, IF he pledges allegiance to Galactus.

Meanwhile, the FF observe this mighty battle as the Watcher does too. The Watcher has guided the Human Torch back through the dangers of space with the one weapon that can defeat Galactus. Johnny mentions that the Watcher guided him through Infinity. I’d like to think this was the first building block of the massive Infinity saga we’ve seen throughout Marvel’s history.

As the Watcher explains to Reed what to do with the weapon we get some banter that could very well come from Luke Skywalker and Darth Vader as the epic battle rages on.

Finally, we see that Reed is brandishing the Ultimate Nullifier, a weapon that wields the power to destroy an entire universe. Galactus realizing that the Watcher has aided the FF quickly concedes that he has suffered his first defeat. He agrees to leave Earth in exchange for the Nullifier, but also strips the Surfer of his powers, rendering him unable to traverse the galaxies!

The Surfer part of the issue ends as Alicia shows up knowing that she was right about the Surfer and that he would choose the path of a hero.

The Surfer says he’s got a whole new world to explore as he’s not yet ready to join the other heroes, and quickly leaves on his board vowing to return!

This three-part arc jammed a whole lot of action into it and set the foundation of Marvel’s cosmic universe for decades to come!

Jack Kirby’s art continues to be a highlight of these issues. Man hadn’t even been to the moon yet, but his space scenes are absolutely fantastic.

If you enjoyed this review you can check out the review for issue #48 here. And issue #49 here.

Final Thoughts:

Fantastic Four issues 48-50 serve as landmark issues for not only the FF but Silver Surfer and Galactus too. If you’re into silver age comics packed with great stories and action I highly recommend checking them out!


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