Deadpool #13 Review

Written by: Skottie Young
Art by: Nic Klein
Letters by: Jeff Eckleberry
Cover Price: $3.99
Release Date: June 12, 2019

One of my favorite books at Marvel is entering the War of the Realms Event and while I am reading the full Event as well, I kind of have mixed feelings about a tie-in here. Skottie Young’s time on the book is coming to an end and to shoving him into the WOR had me worried that I wouldn’t get as much Deadpool craziness as I think I deserve. Thankfully, I was wrong…about the craziness, not me deserving every last drop of it! Let’s get on with the review…

Young starts the book off with his own version of a brief history of humankind before giving one of the better descriptions of the War of the Realms, complete with pointing out some of it’s…peculiarities.

After the always hilarious pop culture references (the Australian-craze of the 80s getting the best), Deadpool heads off to the Land Down Under to kick some troll butt and possibly get himself a Vegemite sandwich.

The fun continues with Deadpool and his goldfish (this is a team-up book, by the way!) meeting up with his Aussie team…Nancy Nuke, Captain Outback, and Gene. Gene is really called the Tasmanian Devil, but copyright laws how they are… The character designs are great and I really want more of them going forward because I love everything about them here.

The gist of the rest of the issue is Deapool getting fired up to fight the Trolls who are hanging out in the Outback (not the restaurant…maybe) and the Trolls figuring out that they have numbers and can step up their game here. Of course, Deadpool is not about the story per se, but about the fun and wackiness and that’s here in spades. Fourth Wall breaking, inappropriate jokes, pop culture references…it’s all accounted for and put a smile on my face.

If you are looking for the lighter side of Sears than this is the issue for you. Skottie Young keeps it fun and breezy, but only after he shows the reader he may understand the War of the Realms more than anyone else. Also, after so many books taking shots at Canada lately, it’s good to put the Kick Me sign back on Australia! I’ve even seen videos that say it doesn’t even exist! Holy Moley! After all these Round Earthers and their theories, I don’t know what to believe!

Final Thoughts:

Skottie Young takes some swipes at the War of the Realms Event as his main character gets involved in…the War of the Realms Event. It’s all good fun that looks fantastic, thanks to Nic Klein’s awesome art and made me chuckle pretty much the whole time.


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