Old Man Quill #3 Review

Writer: Ethan Sacks

Art Team: Robert Gill

Release Date: March 13, 2019

Cover Price: $3.99

So far this series has involved Old Man Quill joining back up with the Guardians, after years of wallowing in his own sorrow, now finding himself back in the swing of things, in the Wastelands of Earth of all places, and possibly in over his head. Everyone is looking for a solution to stop the Universal Church of Truth once and for all, so lets get into this journey, and see where it takes us this month.

The issue begins with the Universal Church of Truth arriving in the Wastelands in search Peter Quill and the Guardians. Their mission is simply to put an end to Quill and anyone that stands with him, including most likely any randoms they encounter as well being the awful people they seem to be. From there we see Peter and the Guardians in the town of Paste-Pot Creek being celebrated for their victory over the Wrecking Crew from last issue. The townsfolk force the crew into a bar celebrating someone finally standing up to the many overlords of the Wastelands.

Eventually a new crew shows up, the ‘Ghost Rider Clan’, who come looking for the Guardians because of a bounty placed on their head after taking out the Wrecking Crew, putting a quick end to the celebration at hand.  After they too are made short work of by the Guardians Peter lets one get away, who promises revenge, which everyone takes rather lightly and is essentially the setup for the events of this issue to move forward. Unfortunately it all feels very similar to what we dealt with last issue and isn’t especially interesting for most of the issue.

As the crew readies for the next step in their mission, to venture to the Baxter Building to obtain the weapon they need, the Ghost Rider Clan returns, this time in much larger numbers. The Guardians get taken out after being overwhelmed now finding themselves prisoners and straight into a Gladiator type setting.  The big twist here is they find themselves fighting alongside Ashlee Barton, daughter of Hawkeye, however they’re all up against incredible odds as Fing Fang Foom shows up to the ring, as the issue comes to a close.

The art by Gill and Mossa is a little less detailed than previous efforts, but still looks good overall, and makes an excellent compliment to the tone of this series.  I personally think they would be a great match for a more cosmic type of story which I hope they get the opportunity for later on the series.

Overall, Old Man Quill #3 is a solid effort that just doesn’t take a lot of chances with the ideas its presenting.  The adventures of the Guardians fighting the Universal Church of Truth should be a more cosmic centered adventure, and limiting the setting to Earth at the moment is holding the series back creatively a bit.  Despite these complaints I still get enough enjoyment out of this series as a whole, and find its a welcome addition to Earth-807128 lore, I just hope it picks up a bit into more of a must read.


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