Friendly Neighborhood Spider-Man #3 Review

Writer: Tom Taylor

Art Team: Juann Cabal, Nolan Woodard, VC Travis Lanham

Release Date: February 20, 2019

Cover Price: $3.99

Friendly Neighborhood Spider-Man (FNSM) has been a bright spot in the Spider line of books so far since it burst onto the scene a few months back.  With the Amazing Spider-Man having become so random and scattered as far as storytelling goes, the focus and characters in FNSM feel more in line with what I want from a Spider-Man story lately, than what we’ve been getting from the brother title.  With that being said Spider-Man finds himself in quite a unique predicament at the end of last issue, with an older lady called Rumor saving his hide a bit, so lets find out where that leaves us here in Spidey’s quest to get his neighbor back.

The issue begins with the newly introduced Rumor character taking Spider-Man through a closet like elevator at the abandoned building they were approaching, a bit like Narnia (even Spidey notices), to a place called Under York. After a quick history regarding the locations current standing in the Marvel Universe, it’s off to investigate Leilani’s disappearance once again, which eventually leads to our issue’s conflict.

While I have been pleasantly surprised by our story direction so far this struck me as slightly weird development, and I don’t entirely understand quite how this place has remained a secret for so long, or the reason for its sudden re-appearance. Not huge deals in the scheme of things that affect my investment in the title overall, I was thrown for a loop a bit.

Through a little luck, Rumor and Spider-Man stumble into where Leilani’s being held pretty quickly, eventually causing a stir that leads to Spidey taking a bullet for Rumor. The smoking gun belongs to none other than Leilani’s father, adding another wrinkle to the mix on top of things he appears to be orange faced like her children. Some quick thinking leads to Rumor causing a distraction to get out of dodge as her and Spider-Man continue taking turns saving each other.

The issue ends with everyone back to New York, but Rumor stating to prepare for war, now that Under York has had their affairs trifled with! I just cant shake the feeling it all feels a little weird and lackluster as the issue comes to a close. Yet overall still something I enjoyed more than I had an problem with.  I understand I make no sense and my issues are more a personal preference thing to be honest but I kind of expected something very different.

As a whole the third issue of Friendly Neighborhood Spider-Man takes some time to setup the threat of Under York that Spider-Man, and his new team-up mate Rumor, deal with in their attempts to rescue his neighbor Leilani.  I found the previous two issues of the series a bit stronger, but the art team of Cabal and Woodard continue to give the audience some great looking moments.


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