Age Of X-Man: The Amazing Nightcrawler #1 Review

Written By: Seanan McGuire
Art By: Juan Frigeri
Cover By: Federico Blee, Shane Davis, and Michelle Delecki
Cover Price: $3.99
Release Date: February 20, 2019
Review by: Tony Walton

It’s a new week, which means a new spin-off title that comes out of the Uncanny X-men story. Nightcrawler is one of my favorite X-men and was looking forward to it. He has been with the team for a long time now; he’s smart, skilled, and a people’s person. Did the book do justice to the character and knock this issue out of the park? Let’s dig in and see what we have here…

The book opens up with narration telling us about peace. If you have been reading the other mini-series from this world, peace is a major part of this world and have a fear we are going to get a swarm with “peace”. One thing to take into consideration is the art. Frigeri’s art is probably the best thing to come out of this issue. We see a showdown between Nightcrawler alongside Meggan Puceanu facing against various types of demoniac mutants. Because the Alpha issue informed us that Kurt is a movie star, I automatically knew this was probably fake and was a scene in a movie. Was right, the dialogue seemed a bit like a sci-fi movie.

We move to backstage where we meet some people on the movie set like two of the cuckoo’s, Amara, and a kid name Snope who gives everyone the cold shoulder. This scene summarizes just boring dialogue such as their day, what they are wearing to the event tonight, and how well everyone did. No drama at all for these celebrities. First time reading this issue, this was the part that I felt a bit sleepy. Now I did have a great night rest, possibly got sleepy from this book.

Later we get more narration and some is information that we already know and the rest is boring and confusing. Such as it tells us the things that makes him different is also the same as what makes him hates and a star. Even though we don’t see him being hated in this issue. Back in his room, Kurt is on the phone talking to Jean Grey who is currently at the X-Sanctuary, we get them talking but is just waste and boring dialogue for it to be summarized as everyone misses Kurt.

Finally, the party that everyone was talking about before has arrived and definitely a forced scene having Kurt hearing a young mutant crying because he can attune his ears to the sound of a mutant crying and inviting her to the party. At the party, we see some of the other mutants from the movie stage from earlier bickering about the Cuckoo’s sisterhood. I assume that the Cuckoo sisterhood will be some sort of antagonist in this story arc because, for the first issue, they really didn’t set up anything else. We end the issue with more narration on peace and how peaceful the world is as well as Kurt and Meggan hooking up which they better be careful because if it’s anything we know about this world is that they don’t want people to shack on.

Final Thoughts:

Out of all the mini-series that has come from this world; the first one wasn’t that bad, the second one was actually pretty good, but they have one thing that this issue doesn’t have; a decent story. Literally, nothing happens, just telling us how perfect this world is. After a few pages of Kurt’s dialogue, I realized one thing that makes Kurt, his dialogue. His German accent was gone. I know that shouldn’t be a big deal but it’s like it’s who he is.


One thought on “Age Of X-Man: The Amazing Nightcrawler #1 Review

  1. Kurt gets laid and then feels bad about it. Is my one sentence review. Marvelous X-men pulled this same crap. You learn nothing new just a little more insight to a world that is boring by design.


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