Old Man Quill #1 Review

Writer: Ethan Sacks
Art Team: Robert Gill, Andres Mossa, VC’s Joe Caramagna
Cover Price: $3.99
Release Date: February 6, 2019

I like to consider myself one of the ‘bigger’ fans of Marvel’s ‘Old Man Universe’, for no other reason other than I’ve read all the issues put out, centered on those characters, and look forward to their new spotlights. I’m sure that loose criteria fit a bunch of other comic book fans out there as well, to which I’d like to extend a hearty welcome. However, this is the first time any of us invested in this little corner of Marvel have really ventured out into the depths of space in this universe, so that adds a level of excitement to things if you ask me. Let’s get right into it then and check this bad boy out to see what all the hub-bub is about.

The issue begins with a little backstory setting up Star Lord’s position in the Universe. Turns out our buddy Star-Lord here found himself a wife, had a few kids, calling Spartax home. Although as we pick things up here the pressing need is Emperor Star-Lord needs to come up with a plan to save his planet from annihilation.  Star-Lord assembles his troops, company that doesn’t include the Guardians of the Galaxy, rushing to take down the mysterious Universal Church of Truth who threatens Spartax.  Obviously, this being the ‘Old Man Universe’ things go horribly, ending in tragedy for Star-Lord, as he loses everything.

After that heavy ending to the flashback, we catch up to the stories present-day events which find Peter wallowing in sorrows at the bottom of a bottle, before we get a scope of just what Quill is being asked to do.  His drunken stooper is interrupted by his former old teammates the Guardians, minus poor Groot, who force him back into action when Star-Lord discovers the Guardians enemies and his enemies are once again the same … as the UCoT pops back up again.

The stories events begin to wrap up as the crew is of course forced to head to Earth for some reinforcements, only to discover that there isn’t much left to go back to, but most of us already knew that.  I’m hot and cold on that reveal and the reason isn’t that I don’t find it exciting. My hope is it’s only a temporary venture, as I’d much rather continue to explore the depths of Marvel Cosmic in this timeline than go back to the Wastelands again. As I said though I’m still excited to see where this goes, especially with a pretty catching cliff hanger.

Final Thoughts:

Overall, Old Man Quill does a pretty good job of picking up the tone established throughout the line of the other ‘Old Man Universe’ line of books. While I’m very interested in continuing this story going forward, a negative, of the first issue at least, is it didn’t do a whole lot to establish itself as something completely different from what we’ve seen Star-Lord (Quill) or the other ‘Old Man’ books do before.  Hopefully meeting up with certain old friends doesn’t hinder the experience going forward, as some solid art, and enough intrigue in the story make this recommendable for now.


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