Avengers #14 Review

Written by: Jason Aaron
Art by: David Marquez, Justin Ponsor, Erik Arciniega, and VC’s Cory Petit
Cover Price: $3.99
Release Date: February 6, 2019

I have been complaining a bit about this book not maintaining a focus lately…especially one where all the Avengers are in the house. Well, I have to admit that after seeing the crazy Agents of Wakanda and hearing about the Vampire Civil War, I put all my complaints aside and got ready for the awesome ride. So, now that it’s here, is it as good as I hoped? Let’s find out…

The issue opens with even more awesomeness…the Shadow Colonel and his Legion of the Unliving! It’s just a glance and unfortunately, we don’t get all of them throughout the issue but color me excited.

It’s then off to a bunch of movie-like action scenes with Blade killing vampires on a crashing jet airliner (just like the Steve Miller song, right?!?), Iron Man and Black Panther fighting vampires in the Great Mound, Captain America, and Thor fighting (what for it) vampires in Romania and finally, She-Hulk and Ghost Rider doing it and doin it and doin it well in Manhattan. It’s all fun for the most part, but the bit with Steve felt off for him and it looks like we might be seeing the beginning of the end for Robbie’s time on the team.

The issue continues with the Shadow Colonel and his pet from Hell giving himself up to the Avengers, being interrogated by Blade and then pretty much showing he is an undead badass who wants to rule the world…or at least the vampire one. Jason Aaron does a really good job making the Colonel a huge threat and whether or not he looks like a bad guy straight out of Castle Wolfenstein ( or because of it), I am digging him. The issue ends with trouble in the North Pole and a pretty old, tired and completely awesome guy seeking asylum in Russia for the cliffhanger.

I am still on board with this story and really am intrigued with the Civil War and the Colonel, but I wish we got some Agents of Wakanda and the Legion of the Unliving. We did get all the Avengers which is cool, but not all of them do much and She-Hulk takes a step back character-wise if you ask me. That said, this issue looks great and I want to see more vampires, Blade and vampires…and more vampires!

Final Thoughts:

It seems that what a Marvel Civil War has been missing all along is the word “vampire” before it. While there are a couple of iffy character moments and not a lot for everyone to do, I am ready to roll…especially after the cliffhanger. I just hope we get at least one “who ordered the stake” line before it’s over.


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