Immortal Hulk #23 Review

The war has come home and Shadow Base is the battleground in this week’s all-new IMMORTAL HULK #23 by the incredible Al Ewing. The stage is set for the final confrontation between the new Abomination and the one and only Immortal Hulk. Let’s smash into this issue and see what shakes out! Continue reading Immortal Hulk #23 Review

Immortal Hulk #22 Review

Shadow Base has one goal: to stop the monsters, the forces of chaos, and to give their power to men of order. But the monsters have goals of their own and now they’re working together in this week’s all-new IMMORTAL HULK #22 by Al Ewing. Is Rick Jones alive and if so, does he remember everything? Plus, does Rick still have abilities leftover from his “connection” with Abomination? Let’s smash into this one and find out! Continue reading Immortal Hulk #22 Review

First Look: Strikeforce #1

From the dark minds of rising stars Tini Howard and Germán Peralta comes a tale of the underside of the Marvel Universe! A new threat is secretly taking over the planet — and the more people who know about it, the more powerful the threat becomes. Blade dealt with this threat once before, and hoped to never have to again. He can’t bring the Avengers in on this — not just for their own safety, but for the safety of everyone on Earth. So he must recruit a team of heroes accustomed to darkness — a strikeforce. Blade, Angela, Spider-Woman, Wiccan, the Winter Soldier, Monica Rambeau and Daimon Hellstrom join forces to fight the fights that no other Marvel team can take on! Continue reading First Look: Strikeforce #1

The Immortal Hulk #19 Review

Abomination throws down (or up), Hulk is a heartless jerk, colossal beast street fights, and all through the mind of one highly deformed Betty Banner all in this week’s THE IMMORTAL HULK #19 by the incredible Al Ewing. Let’s dive into the issue! Continue reading The Immortal Hulk #19 Review