Death’s Head #3 Review and Spoilers

Written by: Tini Howard

Art by: Kei Zama, Felipe Sobreiro, and VC’s Travis Lanham

Cover Price: $3.99

Release Date: September 18, 2019

Last month’s issue of Death’s Head was very much a fight/explanation issue with a ‘shock’ cliffhanger that didn’t really hit thrown in at the end to keep things moving. Not entirely satisfactory. But this book not only features two versions of the titular character, but Wiccan, Hulkling and, now, Kate Bishop too. In other words, it’s still got the potential to be gratuitously entertaining. Let’s find out whether that potential is realized this time around…

Spoiler Alert rubber stamp

Well, there’s certainly a lot of incidents here. There’s a fair amount of combat and a fair amount of Tini Howard’s characteristically snappy dialogue. Particular highlights include: Kate engaging in a lengthy discourse on David and Goliath in order to validate her use of bows and arrows (this one doesn’t quite hit as well as it could, I think); Kate giving relationship advice to Hulkling; Wiccan realizing his magic is getting out of control; Wiccan’s greatest fear being (apparently) cute girls in cosplay outfits. Hmmm…

Death's Head 3 - 2

In terms of plot, there’s a lot of running around and getting chased. It’s up to Death’s Head V (‘Vee’) to find out what’s going on and he does that mostly by accident and courtesy of Dr. Evelyn Necker’s penchant for explaining her plans to anyone with a half-sympathetic ear.

At this point, I’ve given up looking for anything profound or earth-shattering; I’ll be happy with fun. And fun is, largely, what we get here. It’s clear that Howard likes both our eponymous bounty hunter and the three ex-Young Avengers she’s thrown together for this adventure. The banter between them is easily the best thing about this book, although I’d be prepared to throw in Kei Zama’s art as a close second.

Death's Head 3 - 5.JPG

I was unsure about Zama’s art in the first issue, but she seems to have found her feet here. Backgrounds are more detailed and consistent; action sequences (which were never bad, exactly) are clearer and easier to follow. She uses shadow to suitably bold and dramatic effect, too. Nice stuff.

Final Thoughts:

Although unexceptional, the issue doesn’t do much wrong. It offers fun, action, and some nice characterization of some minor Marvel characters. The art is generally good and, at times, very effective; the script, though never exactly profound, is witty and engaging. A good, solid issue.


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