Doctor Strange: Fall Sunrise #1 Review

  • Written by: Tradd Moore
  • Art by: Tradd Moore
  • Colors by: Heather Moore
  • Letters by: VC’s Clayton Cowles, Tradd Moore
  • Cover art by: Tradd Moore
  • Cover price: $4.99
  • Release date: November 24, 2022

Doctor: Strange: Fall Sunrise #1 takes a trip (literally and metaphorically) to a limbo beyond our own world where Doctor Strange fights to recall his purpose and survive.

Is It Good?

Trippy! Doctor Strange: Fall Sunrise #1 is, in a word, trippy. If you’re following along with the current state of Marvel Comics, you know that Doctor Strange is “dead.” Will his death be permanent? Unlikely, but that doesn’t mean Marvel can’t have fun with his death in new and unexpected ways. Doctor Strange: Fall Sunrise #1 definitely falls into the “Unexpected” category.

What’s it about? Doctor Strange wakes up in a magical, ethereal land with a red sun sitting in a constant state of twilight. There’s no preface or narration to explain exactly where Doctor Strange finds himself, but, as a guess, he might be in some kind of afterlife limbo. Strange encounters ghosts to warn him, woodland creatures to guide him, and a mysterious town where raiders have taken the locals hostage.

Much of the story reads like a fable or fairytale, which lends credence to the idea that Strange is in some type of dream-like limbo.
That’s a lot of describing, but that doesn’t clarify whether or not it’s a good read. Honestly, the jury’s out. It’s interesting. The setting and Strange’s journey are creative, and the ending is intriguing enough to check out issue #2.

Putting the story aside, the big draw (or deterrent) for this limited series will be Tradd Moore’s psychedelic art style. Admittedly, Moore’s style is an acquired taste, but it works for this story, the setting, and the tone of Strange’s quest. Tradd’s fluid style enhances the dream-like qualities of the script, so Tradd’s art may not be a good fit for every Doctor Strange story, but it suits this one well.

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Bits and Pieces

Doctor Strange: Fall Sunrise #1 is a strange (*heh*), dreamy, trippy fairytale that follows the titular hero in a strange limbo as he follows a quest whose goal he can’t quite remember. The trippy art is an acquired taste, but it suits this story beautifully.


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