Marauders #11 Review

Writer: Gerry Duggan

Art: Stefano Caselli, Edgar Delgado, VC’s Cory Petit, Tom Muller, Matthew Wilson, and Russell Dauterman

Price: $3.99

Release Date: August 12th, 2020

The Marauders, the Hellfire Trading Company, and all of Krakoa are staggering from the death of Kate Pryde. However, there still happens to be one big problem: all attempts at resurrecting Kitty’s body have failed. Well, what’s next? Heck, it feels like forever ago since she died. Let’s phase into this week’s issue of MARAUDERS #11 by Gerry Duggan to see what’s going on with the Marauders, Krakoa, and this issue!

Kitty Pryde fans, X-Men fans, and long time Marvel Comic readers will definitely be moved with this issue. Duggan hits the feels throughout the issue and does a fantastic job sending Kitty off well. Many mutants who meant a lot to Kitty each have their moment while $&@$ also hits the fan before this story concludes. Before MARAUDERS fans are done with this week’s installment, answers will become prevalent and readers will be pleased.

Just keeping fans informed, this issue isn’t meant to be action-packed or thrilling at all. Fans shouldn’t pick this up expecting battles, brawls, or excitement. Duggan simply uses this issue to provoke emotions and spiral the series in a new direction. However, the biggest downfall of this issue may not be Duggan’s mistake. With COVID-19 slowing up the release of the series, the impact that this issue “should of” had would have been more powerful than it actually was if it came out more timely AND when it was originally planned. This issue really did have all the bells and whistles needed but the delay made Kitty’s death fall a bit flat and seem almost forgotten and trivial to a degree. Again, this isn’t Duggan’s fault. It’s just the unlucky draw of something this big landing in and around a pandemic. Furthermore, I genuinely feel fans may think this issue (Kitty’s death in general) will read better in trade.


There is no doubt that this issue is emotionally sentimental and readers will be absolutely touched before the issue wraps up. The thought and time Duggan places into this issue definitely did Kitty right and paid her the respect she deserved. However, pandemics and this week’s conclusion may have taken the wind right out of the sails of what could have been. Ultimately, I think this issue will simply read better in trade and may cause an even more emotional response read together in my humble opinion. Nonetheless, don’t let that deter readers from MARAUDERS #11. Readers will be thrilled with this issue and I for one strongly recommend the issue without reservations. Give it a look and let me know what you think!


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