Jason Aaron’s THOR: Reading Order And MORE

Jason Aaron has evolved into one of the most creatively rich and productive writers at Marvel, and frankly in the entire Comic Book Landscape. His stories are saturated with texture and steeped in foundational knowledge as well as character growth. From Wolverine to the Hulk, and even Doctor Strange, Jason Aaron has taken every character he’s touched at Marvel and reshaped them into something so much more!

Well, over the past eight + years, Jason Aaron has done the same thing with the God of Thunder. So, to help new readers jumping deep into the MCU or to those that have never taken the intense plunge into THOR, here is a thorough reading order for all related Jason Aaron THOR titles dating back to 2012. This should keep you current!

Unworthy Thor 2

Plus, if you can hang on until the end, I’ve attached single issue reviews, as well as series reviews, for tons of other Jason Aaron titles from THE GODDAMNED, to SCALPED, and other amazing Marvel Heroes in between! Thanks for the read and I hope you enjoy it.


And if you’re all caught up on Aaron’s THOR, check out my latest review of THOR #5 by Donny Cates HERE, as well as links to get your hands on current THOR issues and trades.

Thors 2

Thor: God Of Thunder (2012-2015)


Thor God Butcher 1
Thor: God Of Thunder Volume 1: The God Butcher (#1-5) 

A trail of blood threatens to consume Thor’s past, present, and future! Throughout the ages, gods have been vanishing, their mortal worshipers left in chaos. The only hope for these ravaged worlds is for Thor to unravel the gruesome mystery of the God Butcher! In the distant past, the Thunder God discovers a forgotten cave that echoes with the cries of tortured gods – and is shocked to find himself among them! In the present, Thor follows the bloody wake of murdered gods across the depths of space. And thousands of years from now, the last god-king of a ruined Asgard makes his final stand against the God Butcher’s berserker legions. As three Thors from three eras race to stop the God Butcher, the full extent of his vicious scheme takes terrifying shape!

Click HERE to grab this trade.

Thor Godbomb 1

Thor: God Of Thunder Volume 2: Godbomb (#6-11) 

Somewhere at the end of the time, all the gods of the universe are enslaved, working to build a machine that will forever change the face of creation. What is the Godbomb? And what can Thor do to stop it? While Gorr’s master plan continues to unfold, all hope for divinity is lost when Thor finds himself in chains alongside his fellow gods. And even as Gorr’s dark origin is revealed, along with the truth behind his bloody quest to butcher the gods, three time-bending Thors unite to lead an army of slave gods in the fight against Gorr. But will it all be for naught as the clock ticks down and the massive Godbomb is triggered at last? And after the dust clears, what will be left of the universe’s deities?

Click HERE to grab this trade.

Thor The Accursed 1

Thor: God Of Thunder Volume 3: The Accursed (#12-18) 

It’s the bloody return of Malekith the Accursed! The former lord of the Dark Elves escapes his otherworldly prison, and the chase is on across the Nine Realms to capture him! Thor finds new allies to join his Wild Hunt: A Dark Elf sorceress! A gun-toting Light Elf! A gargantuan Mountain Giant! A dwarf who loves dynamite! And a particularly surly troll! But when one teammate falls, will it mean war for all Nine Realms? And as a traitor within the group strikes and Thor prepares to take drastic measures, Malekith stages his final bloody raid – on Earth! Plus: What does it mean to walk the Earth as a god? What does Thor do when he’s not out saving the world with the Avengers? It’s the return of Thor’s longtime love interest, Dr. Jane Foster!

Click HERE to grab this trade.

Thor Last Days of Midgard 1

Thor: God Of Thunder Volume 4: The Last Days of Midgard (#19-25) 

Thor battles to save Earth, but who can he fight when the planet itself is dying? S.H.I.E.L.D. Agent Roz Solomon has a suggestion: the nefarious energy company Roxxon and its ruthless new CE O, “the Minotaur!” Has Thor met his match in the form of a multinational supercorporation? Meanwhile, millennia from now, King Thor and his granddaughters, the Warriors of Thunder, face a very different battle to save what remains of the earth – from Galactus! But even if Thor wins, is the Earth still doomed? In the present, Thor makes a final stand against the Minotaur, Ulik the Troll, and Roxxon’s forces – but not even a god can save everyone. Plus: Young Thor vs. Frost Giants! The untold origin of Malekith! And King Thor’s granddaughters discover the startling secret of his Original Sin!

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Original Sin (2014) 

Original Sin 1

Original Sin #0-8 (2014) 

Who shot the Watcher? Uatu, the mysterious space-god who’s been watching mankind from the moon for as long as we can remember…is dead. Thus begins the greatest murder mystery in Marvel history! As Nick Fury leads the heroes of the Marvel Universe in an investigation, other forces are marshaling and other questions are arising. Why is Black Panther gathering a secret team of his own, including Emma Frost, the Punisher, and Dr. Strange? Who is the Unseen? What was stolen from the Watcher’s lair? Fury’s cosmic manhunt leads to the far corners of the universe and beyond, but just when the Avengers think they’ve cornered their murderer…everything explodes, unleashing the Marvel Universe’s greatest secrets and rocking the heroes to their core! What did the Watcher see? What was the Original Sin?

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Original Sin Thor and Loki 1

Original Sin: Thor & Loki – The Tenth Realm (Original Sin #5.1-5.5 2014) 

Thanks to the events of Original Sin, the deepest secret of the Nine Realms has been revealed: namely, the existence of a Tenth Realm! Now, Thor and Loki must embark on a quest to discover this strange new world – and to discover the sister that Thor never knew he had: Angela! But can Loki be trusted? And will brother and sister murder each other before the truth comes out?

Click HERE to grab this trade.

Thor (2014-2015) 

Thor Goddess of Thunder 1

Thor Volume 1: The Goddess Of Thunder (#1-5) 

Mjolnir lies on the moon, unable to be lifted! Something dark has befallen the God of Thunder, leaving him unworthy for the first time ever! But when Frost Giants invade Earth, the hammer will be lifted — and a mysterious woman will be transformed into an all-new version of the mighty Thor! Who is this new Goddess of Thunder? Not even Odin knows, but she may be Earth’s only hope against the Frost Giants! Get ready for a Thor like you’ve never seen before, as this all-new heroine takes Midgard by storm! Plus: The Odinson clearly doesn’t like that someone else is holding his hammer — it’s Thor vs. Thor! And Odin, desperate to see Mjolnir returned, will call on some very dangerous, very unexpected allies. It’s a bold new chapter in the storied history of Thor!

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Thor  Who Holds The Hammer 1

Thor Volume 2: Who Holds The Hammer (#6-8, Annual #1) 

Who is the new Thor? That’s the question on everyone’s lips. Most especially the original Thor! And now he starts to narrow down the list of suspects. Meanwhile, tensions continue to flare between the All-Mother and All-Father, Malekith the Dark Elf forges his most dangerous pact yet, and the new Thor prepares to face her greatest challenge: the unstoppable machine of death and destruction that is…the Destroyer! As the battle for the hammer Mjolnir rages on, an unexpected character makes a shocking return – and the new Thor’s identity is revealed at last!

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Secret Wars 1

Secret Wars (2015-2016) 

Thors Battleworld 1

Thors: Secret Wars Battleworld (Thors #1-4 2015-2016) 

The Thors of every domain, together in one book! As cosmic cops! Whenever there’s trouble on Battleworld, the Thors answer the call. But a string of mysterious murders leaves some of them asking questions that may unravel all of reality! A hard-hitting Marvel Comics police drama. With hammers. Lots and lots of hammers.

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SIDE NOTE: Check out the entire Secret Wars Event HERE. Trust me; you’ll love it!!!!!

The Mighty Thor (2016-2018) 

Thor Thunder In Her Veins 1

The Mighty Thor Volume 1: Thunder In Her Veins (#1-5) 

Dr. Jane Foster is the Goddess of Thunder -and it’s killing her. Her enemies are many as Asgard descends further into chaos, and unrest threatens to spread throughout the Ten Realms. Yet she wages her greatest battle against a far more personal foe: the cancer killing her mortal form. When Loki steps back into Thor’s life, will it ease her troubles or only add to her pain? There’s no such question about Malekith as he continues to fan the flames of a looming War of Realms – when he isn’t wedding planning, that is! And as Asgard is torn apart, the skies will shake in one of the bloodiest battles of all time: It’s Thor vs. Odin like never before!

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Thor Lords of Midgard 1

The Mighty Thor Volume 2: Lords Of Midgard (#6-12) 

The legend continues with Thors new and old! Loki spins a special ages-old tale of a young Odinson in action against a hulking great enemy. You wouldn’t like this Viking when he’s angry! But what incredible impact will this yarn from the past have on the present? Prepare for corporate espionage, Marvel-style, as some of the world’s most powerful and evil conglomerates go to war – with Thor caught in the middle! And as if Roxxon and the rest aren’t enough trouble, Jane Foster must contend with a new enemy: S.H.I.E.L.D.! Worse still, somehow millions of lives will depend on the God of Thunder saving Roxxon’s evil executive, Dario Agger!

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Thor Asgard Shiar War 1

The Mighty Thor Volume 3: The Asgard/Shi-Ar War (#13-19)

As the War of the Realms rages on, the only way to defeat Malekith is with a united front – and it’s up to Thor to bring the many races together! Now heroes from across the ten worlds – including Lady Sif and Angela – unite under Thor’s command to form a new League of Realms, with the sole mission of bringing this conflict to an end! And their first mission is to infiltrate Dark- Elf-occupied territory! But when the war spreads to every branch of the World Tree, the League’s road to peace is fraught with challenges they hadn’t anticipated. To stand against the heroic allies, Malekith forms a wicked union of his own, calling on Loki and the all-new Kurse to take down Thor and her band of heroes!

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Unworthy Thor 1

Unworthy Thor TPB (#1-5) 

Unfit to lift his hammer, with another now wielding the power of Thor, the Odinson’s desperate quest to regain his worthiness takes him out into the cosmos – where he’s learned of the existence of a mysterious other Mjolnir! This weapon of ultimate power, a relic from a dead universe, is the key to the Odinson’s redemption – but some of the greatest villains of the Marvel Universe are anxious to get their hands on it as well. And when the Realm of Old Asgard vanishes, the Odinson’s hopes might go with it – unless good tidings from Beta Ray Bill offer fresh hope! Can the Odinson reclaim his honor, or will the power of thunder be wielded for evil? Let the battle for the hammer commence!

Click HERE to grab this trade.

Thor The War Thor 1

The Mighty Thor Volume 4: The War Thor (#20-23, Generations: Unworthy Thor And Mighty Thor #1)

Who is the War Thor? The Ultimate Universe’s Thor died defending the Multiverse, but his hammer remains. Who wields it now? Ponder that question along with Jane Foster, the Mighty Thor, as she faces the Ultimate team-up! War is coming to the Ten Realms -and when the Queen of Cinders sets them ablaze, even the combined might of not one, not two, but three Thors may not be enough to put out the flames! Meanwhile, Malekith’s army grows, and the looming conflict reaches Asgard’s doorstep! But even the fire of Muspelheim pales beside the fury of the War Thor -and with his thunder comes vengeance! Plus: Generations collide as Jane and a young Odinson face an Apocalyptic encounter in ancient Egypt!

Click HERE to grab this trade.

Thor Death of the Mighty Thor 1

The Mighty Thor Volume 5: The Death Of The Mighty Thor (#700-706, Mighty Thor At The Gates Of Valhalla #1) 

Marvel Legacy hits Asgard with a bang, with…the death of the Mighty Thor! The final judgment comes as the Mangog arrives. The War Thor will meet the beast head-on, but even the blood-thirst of this Ultimate hammer-wielder may pale in comparison to the Mangog’s might! The battle rages even as Jane Foster’s cancer takes a turn for the worse, and she might not have to wait for the final judgment at all. The clock is ticking, the War of the Realms is spreading, and Mjolnir cannot save her this time. Can even the legendary Hercules help avert disaster? It’s the beginning of the end – one that will lead to the most dramatic return in the Marvel Universe!

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Thor (2018-2019) 

Thor God of Thunder Reborn 1

Thor Vol. 1: God Of Thunder Reborn (#1-6) 

Thor Odinson has regained his mantle – and with it, a wild new world of trouble on his mighty hands! The artifacts of Asgard have been scattered across the Earth, and to reclaim them, Thor will have to face some ugly truths. Like the production cost on hundreds of new hammers! And the Thunder God is going to need every last one of them if he’s going to stop the unstoppable Juggernaut. Jason Aaron takes the Prince of Asgard in a whole new direction with YOUNG GUN artist Mike Del Mundo joining him at the helm! And don’t miss the latest chapter of the King Thor saga with acclaimed BLACK BOLT artist Christian Ward, as the Thor of the far future encounters an old friend who’s undergone some startling changes.

Click HERE to grab this trade.

Thor Road To The War of the Realms 1

Thor Vol 2: Road To War Of The Realms (#7-11) 

Jason Aaron’s epic THOR run continues! Part the mists of time and peer into the distant past – for a tale of a young Odinson from the Viking age! Every time Thor travels to the mortal land of Midgard, he finds all the mead, battle and romance that a young god could possibly want. But he still can’t figure out how to prove himself worthy of the mighty hammer Mjolnir. Now Odin is determined to keep his son away from Midgard for good – and young Loki knows just the way to do it! Then, in the modern-day, Thor is held prisoner by the fearsome warriors of the Tenth Realm: Heven! Can even the intervention of Valkyrie and Thor’s deadly sister Angela help Thor escape the inescapable prison of angels?

Click HERE to grab this trade.

Thor Wars End 1

Thor Vol 3: War’s End (#12-16)

After years of Malekith’s plotting, the War of the Realms is raging full force – and for Loki, that means it’s time for a family reunion! Fatherly love is not something that the God of Lies is terribly familiar. Having been adopted by Odin as an infant and raised in the Asgardian royal family, Loki never had a chance to bond with his birth people – the fearsome Frost Giants. But now, the Giants have invaded New York City as part of Malekith’s war on Midgard. And you’d think that Loki would take the opportunity to find some quality time to spend with dear old deadly Dad! And he will. But not in the way you’d think…

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War of the Realms 

War of the Realms 1

War of the Realms (2019) 

THE WAR OF THE REALMS is upon us! Malekith, king of the Dark Elves, has been conquering the Ten Realms and now has his sights set on the last one: Earth. And with armies of Frost Giants, Fire Goblins, trolls, angel warriors, Roxxon corporate soldiers, the Enchantress and the prince of lies himself, Loki, at his side, Malekith may just succeed. Asgardia is no more, Old Asgard is in ruins, and the majority of Asgardians are refugees on Earth. Now Thor and Earth’s heroes — including the Avengers, the Fantastic Four, and even such unlikely allies as Venom and Punisher — are all that stand in Malekith’s way! It’s an event five years in the making as the MIGHTY THOR creative team of writer Jason Aaron, artist Russell Dauterman and colorist Matthew Wilson reunite to save the Ten Realms!

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After The War… 

King Thor 1

King Thor (2019-2020) 

Superstars Jason Aaron & Esad Ribic conclude their epic Thor story! The creators of the legendary THOR: GOD OF THUNDER series that kicked off one of the most epic runs in Marvel history are back together for one last ride with the almighty Lord of Asgard! Seven years ago, Jason and Esad introduced the Thor of the far future, All-Father of a broken realm and a dying universe, as he stood in battle against the Butcher of Gods, wielder of All-Black the Necrosword. Now that nefarious blade has returned, in the hands of Thor’s all-time greatest enemy – his brother, Loki – for one final, cataclysmic showdown. Behold the book no comics fan should miss – the celebration of the end of a truly marvelous era.

Click HERE to grab this trade.

Valkyrie The Sacred and Profane 1

Valkyrie: Jane Foster Volume 1: The Sacred And The Profane (#1-5) 

Jane Foster is back! For years, you knew her as Dr. Jane Foster, one of Thor Odinson’s most steadfast companions. Then you knew her as Thor, Goddess of Thunder, who took up the mantle when no other hero was worthy. Now Jane takes on a new role as Valkyrie, guide, and ferrywoman to the dead! But her days of battle are far from over – especially when the Marvel Universe’s deadliest shot gets his hands on the sword of a god! With the Asgardian weapon Dragonfang, Bullseye has the power to kill a deity in a single stroke – and he’s about to prove it. Jane must learn a hard lesson: Not every death can be prevented. But who’s next on Bullseye’s list – and what is the assassin really after?

Click HERE to grab this trade.

Valkyrie Volume 2

Valkyrie: Jane Foster Volume 2: At The End Of All Things (#6-10) 

Jane Foster has been many things in her life, including the heroic hammer wielder known as Thor! Recently, Jane became the Valkyrie, guardian, and protector of the Norse dead, and she’s still finding her way in this new stage of her life. But now, Jane must return to the role she knows best – that of a medical doctor – when a supernatural medical emergency rears its head! Jane teams with Doctor Strange, Sorcerer (and Surgeon) Supreme; the tough-as-nails Night Nurse; Excalibur-wielding Dr. Faiza Hussain and more Marvel medics to crack a case that will give readers heart palpitations! Heroes of medicine will unite – but are they all about to become doctors to the dead?!

As of July 2020, it’s not released yet but it can be PRE-ORDERED

Click HERE to grab this trade.

Valkyrie Volume 3

Valkyrie: Jane Foster Vol. 3 (#11-15)

She’s faced the Marvel Universe’s deadliest assassin – armed with the sword of a god – and won. She took the Grim Reaper straight to his eternal reward. She’s come face-to-face with Death herself…in more ways than one…and saved Asgard from a force beyond even Death’s powers. Now Jane Foster – the one and only Valkyrie – embarks on a whole new adventure under the pen of rising star artist Mattia De Iulis! Valkyrie has already journeyed across the Multiverse in her new role…but now Hel awaits her. Along with its prickly rulers. But what does Hel want with Jane Foster? And what does Loki, the god of lies and mischief, have to do with it all? Find out in an exciting and action-packed mystery!

As of July 2020, it’s not released yet but it can be PRE-ORDERED

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Unworthy Thor 1



Avengers Jason Aaron 1

If you or someone you know loves Jason Aaron’s THOR and is interested in other THOR related titles by Aaron, give the ongoing AVENGERS (2018-Present) title a shot! As of July 2020, there are close to 37 issues and seven trades you can really sink your teeth into.

Click HERE to get your hands on all the current AVENGERS trades!

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The Goddamned Vol 1

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The Goddamned The Virgin Brides 1

Keep in mind Aaron’s sequel to this series just kicked off NOW called THE GODDAMNED: THE VIRGIN BRIDES #1, which you can grab by clicking HERE!

Additionally, check out my SCALPED series review HERE and my SOUTHERN BASTARDS series review HERE with even more access to these outstanding trades. And finally, if you’re looking for something else to read, check out my Amazon Online Comic Shop HERE. Thank you all again for the read and continued support. I genuinely hope this helped to spike you’re interested in one of the best writers in comics, as well as one of the best Marvel characters on screen and in the comics. Stay safe and stay healthy.


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