Revenge of the Cosmic Ghost Rider #5 Review

Writer: Dennis “Hopeless” Hallum

Artist: Scott Hepburn, Antonio Fabela, and VC’s Travis Lanham

Release Date: June 3rd, 2020

Price: $3.99

If there is one thing that stands out the most to me when I read a comic, it’s transformation. How far has the writer taken the main character? Has the character changed at all? Is the status quo any different than when it started? Well, when a writer has an opportunity to expand on a character, take it out of the toy box, and manipulate it in creative ways only to find out that the character is exactly where they found it, I get incredibly frustrated with the story and the writer. What’s the point? Am I right? In this week’s REVENGE OF THE COSMIC GHOST RIDER #5 by Dennis “Hopeless” Hallum, that’s exactly what has appeared to happen as the series magically concludes. Let’s take a look!

Some may say it’s a way of “being safe”. However, I’d argue it’s the writer being scared to take risks. Now, in Hallum’s defense, this may not be his fault. This could be Marvel or the creator of the character (Cates) saying that he’s not permitted to alter or change the Cosmic Ghost Rider. Marvel may have told him he can play with any “toy” he wants BUT he needs to put it back exactly as he found it. Either way, whether it’s Marvel or Hallum, it simply makes the entire series a waste of time and an awful investment for the reader.

The worst part of the issue was that REVENGE OF THE COSMIC GHOST RIDER #5 began with so much promise and change. The story looked like Frank was going through some huge transformations. I was getting excited to see what the ramifications would be moving forward with Frank now containing a soul. But alas, Hallum strategically finds a way to place almost everything back the way he found it. Sadly, I can’t say I was surprised to see this happen but years of reading comics and watching events conclude no different than when they started should be proof enough.

Additionally, the pacing of this issue was way too fast in order to retain the status quo from which we began. Plus, everything was wrapped up way too neat, tidy, and convenient. Sure, I felt bad for Cammi, especially after the last issue was almost solely dedicated to her. However, it appears as though she was the only character Hallum was permitted to alter as this series closed.

Let’s rewind, shall we? Hallum created a new villain named Cosmic King and ultimately gave no real reason for Frank to square off against him in order for Frank to regain his soul while using this entire series as a summary of the Cosmic Ghost Riders’ backstory. In other words, this series has been a slide show of the Cosmic Ghost Riders’ short history sprinkled between a fight with a self-created villain who shares the same name as a DC Comics character. Nevertheless, this still doesn’t include the surprise demonic tapeworm that was thrust into the series for no real reason other than to create a backstory for the made-up villain. Does all this sound about right?

My point by the recap is that this series had no point or real direction from the beginning. Not only were the toys allowed out to play but it’s like Hallum only had a half-hour to play before bedtime and quickly through a bunch of stuff together in order to have fun before it was time to go to sleepy time. Heck, the series didn’t even point readers in the direction of Frank getting his soul back until issue four, which seemed like the ultimate purpose Hallum was trying to get at all along. And readers, Frank had no legitimate reason to team up with Cammi from the beginning. So, if Hallum wanted me to feel something as the series closed, he should have made the relationship develop organically with an actual purpose. In all reality, the idea was forced. The story was forced. The villain was forced and the premise was forced. Truthfully, if you’re looking for some good COSMIC GHOST RIDER, click HERE to reread THANOS WINS by Donny Cates or HERE to reread COSMIC GHOST RIDER by Donny Cates through Amazon. But, I would stay clear of this series.


If you’re a BIG Cosmic Ghost Rider fan, then I suppose you’ll enjoy this issue as well as this entire series. But frankly, that’s the only reason I can see anyone being interested in this issue or series. With it being the last issue AND it now digital-only, It’s not worth your time or money to buy it. If you have a huge desire to read a series filled with pure nonsense that literally changes nothing about the main character from start to finish, go pick it up. Otherwise, this should be a hard pass for new readers and possibly die-hard Cosmic Ghost Rider fans.


If you “really” want to get your hands on this week’s issue of REVENGE OF THE COSMIC GHOST RIDER, click the Amazon link HERE. And finally, if you’re looking for something else to read, check out my Amazon Online Comic Shop by clicking HERE. Thank you all for the read and continued support. Stay safe and stay healthy.

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