Tales of Suspense: Hawkeye and The Winter Soldier Series Review

Writer: Matthew Rosenberg

Art: Travel Foreman

Publisher: Marvel Comics

Released: December 20th, 2017

Collects Issues: #100-104

Series Overview

Springing from the pages of SECRET EMPIRE

The Black Widow is dead, but someone is killing her enemies. With a broken heart and a bloody trail to follow, Hawkeye is looking for answers. And the only person alive who may have them is Natasha Romanoff’s “other” ex-boyfriend, The Winter Soldier. Can they trust each other long enough to unravel the web of mysteries that Black Widow left behind?

Overall Series Review:

Matthew Rosenberg takes two heroes with wildly different attitudes and places them together into this thrilling cocktail with the underlining connection being Black Widow. Not only does Rosenberg create a story with all the fixings, but he also manages to create a classic spy meets action meets comedy tale that’s cluttered with winning one-liners and chalked full of adrenaline and suspense.

Ladies and Gentlemen of the comic world, this series literally has it all! Rosenberg sprinkles in his own unique charm and makes readers fall in love with the budding duo of Clint and Bucky. His take on Hawkeye is witty and smashingly fun while simultaneously finding a way to make him relatable and reliable. If you’re interested in something more recent, check out Rosenberg’s HAWKEYE FREE FALL that’s out right now by clicking HERE. All smarmy kidding aside, this series was remarkably insightful into the three main characters and filled with so much edge of your seat tension. Plus, Rosenberg uses his canvas to quickly catch up readers as to what happened during SECRET EMPIRE and where Marvel was heading after the event. Throughout the series, Rosenberg shines bright with his knack for detail, his eye for suspense, the gradual reveal of the story, and the amplifying chemistry between Bucky and Clint that will have you hoping for another buddy suspense-comedy in the future. And did I mention bears…

Readers, this short series/ run is well worth the purchase and highly recommended. And, what better time to grab it than right now?! Click HERE to get your hands on TALES OF SUSPENSE: HAWKEYE AND THE WINTER SOLDIER by Matthew Rosenberg. Plus, if you find yourself attracted to the elements of SECRET EMPIRE that are referenced throughout this run, click HERE to get your hands on that outstanding trade by Nick Spencer! Plus, if that wasn’t already enough, Black Widow has her own number one coming out, or I should say planning on coming out immediately after the comic hiatus. It was scheduled to be released the week comics stopped! You can get your hands on that number one when it comes out by clicking the Amazon link HERE. Well comic fans, thanks for the read and remember to stay home, stay safe, and read comics!



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