Ghost Rider #6 Review

Writer: Ed Brisson
Art: Aaron Kuder, Juan Frigeri, Jason Keith, Dono Sanchez-Almara, Michael Garland, and VC’s Joe Caramagna

Price: $3.99
Release Date: March 11th, 2020

Welcome back Flame Brains, if you have been reading my reviews on here you may know I have been having some slight problems with this book. The main one being there are many, many characters involved in this book, some have been properly introduced and some that have not been properly introduce relying solely on past knowledge of the series. Some characters even got a one-shot and still were not properly introduced. Well, last issue we had more characters join the party Wolverine, Punisher, Doctor Strange, Blackheart, Vildra, The Lilin, and we even had an appearance from The Orb. Lilith is searching for something hoping the all seeing eye of The Orb will provide its location. Punisher and Wolverine were looking for Danny Ketch unfortunately for them they found Danny now possesses the Spirit of Corruption. Blackheart is also looking for Danny unfortunately for Bartender Emma he found her instead. Johnny Blaze found himself Mephisto but unfortunately for him Mephisto has ,as of yet, Not told him the information that he wants, also Doctor Strange has found Johnny and he wants back his prisoner. With Hell spewing everything and the kitchen sink at me at this break neck speed I might have to make a deal with the Devil just to keep my sanity or possibly face burn out.

I truly am enjoying this book for the most part, the art work has been gorgeous, the story has maintained a really tight continuity to previous Ghost Rider runs and other things that have taken place in the wider Marvel Universe. I just feel it could be a bit more new reader friendly so the Ghost Rider brand would have a better chance to build a following. Something as simple as having editors notes directing you where to go on the Marvel App to get more on the character(s). The more knowledge you provide the reader the more they will get invested and more they will be able to appreciate the deep continuity nods you are providing. With that off my chest let’s get into this issue.

We open in Long Island at Danny’s ex-girlfriend’s (Stacy) place. Her and the Family are watching tv until there is a knock at the door. Stacy gets up to see who is rap tap tapping at her chamber door, quote the Blackheart, “Never More.”

Back in Brooklyn, with Caretaker, Wolverine, Punisher, and The Spirit of Corruption (Danny Ketch) we have a fight break out because Punisher and Wolverine want to bring Johnny Blaze in for killing Detective Humbolt. The Spirit inside Danny wants Johnny to himself real bad and will destroy whomever gets in its way. Punisher finds this out by getting stabbed through the chest with Danny’s Soul Caliber sword named Blight Blade. Lucky for Frank Castle this Sword operates more like the Penitent Stare less like a skewer.

Caretaker is able to calm the situation by providing proof that Johnny Blaze was killing Demons on the cruse ship not people. Which leaves one question. Why was Johnny able to see and sense the demons and Danny was not?

There is no time for that question though, because in some snowy mountain range Doctor Strange and Ghost Rider unleash on each other, but will Mephisto provide the voice of reason??

Final Thoughts:

This issue provides a ton of enjoyment. It has a couple battles that don’t overwhelm the issue allowing the good guys to fight but also allowing for conversation. The more concentrated focus on characters I am familiar with probably helped keep me into the story. Johnny Blaze getting power juiced up definitely ramps up the intensity. He is going to need it with all the Baddies that Hell has unleashed, the fury of a woman scorn.

8 / 10

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