Ant-Man #1 Review

Writer: Zeb Wells
Artist: Dylan Burnett, Mike Spicer, and VC’s Cory Petit
Cover Price: $3.99
Release Date: February 5, 2020

I don’t know if you’ve heard, but #1s are for Jim, and since I’m Jim, I get to review this book! I am a Zeb Wells and Dylan Burnett fan to boot, so this book might be for my eyes only. Not a great business plan, really, but I am a selfish jerk, so I love it! Now that we have established this issue is only for me, how was it? Let’s find out…

We open in the Everglades with Ant-Man and Stinger on the case of some Drug Dealers. Yea, they are using those fancy fan-boats, but it would be so much better if they all looked like Crockett and Tubbs from Miami Vice! They were the good guys, you say? Have you ever heard “Heartbeat”?!?! Case Closed!

Back to the issue, Zeb Wells does a cool thing to show which of our heroes is talking, and the dialogue is fun and snappy. An Ant-Man book should have some humor to it, and Wells doesn’t go overboard with it. If anything, I could go for a couple more jokes.

Scott and Cassie play off each other…well, like a Father/Daughter super team, and that isn’t something you get to play around with a whole lot. Wells does a good job making Scott the ultimate dad joke dad while Cass is perfect in the bratty, annoyed, smarter than her years daughter role. Their interaction is a massive part of this book’s focus and charm, so it’s a good thing it’s fun.

The story picks up after the initial drug bust. Scott is down on his luck and looking for any job to help pay the bills (actually, he needs to do some work to get some bills!) and one comes a-knocking. It may not be the biggest of jobs, but Ant-Man is known to go small and eventually excepts it.

The issue continues with Scott working on this new job that puts him face-to-face with a classic (and disgusting) villain who may be the good guy if the cliffhanger is correct. It’s a neat bait and switch to end the issue, and while it’s nothing that would ever get me excited on its own, the whole package here will have me coming back next month to see what happens.

I was hoping to have fun with this book, and Zeb Wells granted my wish like a genie in a bottle. I also would like a pair of those self-lacing sneakers from Back to the Future 2, so let’s see if he comes through with those as well. Dylan Burnett’s art is good as well and it all comes together to make a solid #1 issue!

Final Thoughts:

Ant-Man #1 is a good start to the series, and one I will continue reading. The story, while just getting started, hit the right notes, and I liked the humor and family vibe throughout. Recommended to any Ant-Man fans out there (movie or comics), but I’m here for Stinger!


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